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Monthly Archives: September 2016

dericdonationsiteEarlier this month, Deric got into a bit of a pickle with his probation office over his alleged violations of the conditions of his pretrial release. Chief among these restrictions was that he could not go into the details of the case but rather simply post that he is seeking donations for his legal defense.

I am therefore a bit confused as are others that the very site that was used as evidence against him is still up unchanged and carrying today’s date as well.

My question for all the armchair detectives out there as well as any legal minds who might be reading,  is this:


Is Deric both in violation and once again in trouble?

Stay tuned



The alleged threats I posted in my previous entry is not the first time Deric and his Knightsec group has been accused of making threats.

The image above was captured by me in the fall of 2013. There are countless accusations of Deric making such threats both before and after he outed himself as being Kyanonymous.

I have done quite a number of articles on Deric as had another blogger. I would suggest that those on both sides of the support of Deric or lack there of visit that site and then make up their own minds.



As Deric gets closer to his trial date, he seems to be making the same mistakes that got him where he is now. There is also the distinct possibility that he may be in custody for yet another violation of his pretrial release by as early as Friday, Sept 16th.

Stay tuned



There are a number of people on the internet lately who seem to hate themselves. As it turns out there is actually a medical condition that defines someone who apparently hates himself.

It is known as self loathing.

“You probably have a pretty good idea of what a narcissist is. They’re arrogant, self-absorbed, and generally speaking they’re not too pleasant to be around–at least not for long periods of time. If you’re like most people, you probably also assume one additional thing. You probably think that narcissists dislike themselves deep down inside. In other words, narcissism is really just a mask that covers up deeply hidden insecurities and self-loathing.”

There are some I have discussed this issue with that do not agree that this applies to Deric.

Most feel he is just playing games for financial purposes but I tend to feel that the self loathing theory just might explain what makes Deric tick.

At least it might lead to an insanity defense for Deric.

It is up to the readers to make up their own minds.

Stay tuned



My today is shaping up to be a busy one. Right after getting the document dump I wrote about in my prior article I get yet more information that is putting Deric into a rather hideous predicament.

According to an imgur file I was sent a link to, Deric is accused of threatening to sue a woman who made some critical remarks about him on Facebook.


Within the screenshots on the website was a conversation between Deric and the woman. The discussion, of course, was rather heated and tempers flared rather quickly.

The problem is that regardless of the tone of the conversation Deric had, it may well be in violation of his release since it is outside the scope of permissions allowed by the court.

Now you might be asking what the statements were that caused Deric to issue this threat?

The accusation is a rather serious one and considering Deric’s statements on rape, it was rather surprising:


It is my understanding that once again, the various officials overseeing Deric and his case are being contacted by the same angry people that have written to them since the onset of the dispute between Deric and his critics.

Speculation is now renewed as to when he will be arrested and jailed pending trial.

Stay tuned for I feel this is going to be a surprisingly busy day.


headerI had not expected to have a document dump show up in my e-mail regarding Deric’s case until at least October when some of the pre trial hearings were expected to start.

912What I did receive today was nothing short of amazing and unusual in a Federal trial, according to a source familiar with how Federal trials are handled.

The anonymous source made the following comments regarding his case:

 “The US Attny in Deric’s sought, and received, an Order of Protection from the Court whereby Deric is not permitted to review any of the Govt’s discovery documents against him unless he’s under supervision by his defense counsel, and cannot make copies.  He’s also prohibited from sharing any witness names, or distributing information or discovery to the media.  It’s clear the Govt believes Deric was going to go after the witnesses or victims who made statements against him, and they are doing everything permitted under federal law to keep him from going on the attack, or floating things out to the media.”


My source went on to make this startling observation:

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, an Order directed squarely at a Defendant – it’s usually to protect the Defendant himself, against the public from obtaining information.    Not this time.   Discovery documents aren’t usually made public anyway, unless they are admitted into evidence at trial.  So it’s clear that this is not to prevent the public from seeing victim’s and witness’ statements.”

page2“Those discovery documents aren’t filed with Pacer anyway – only a Notice of Production of Gov’t discovery is usually filed, but the docs are never attached or filed with the court itself – even in state court.”

  “So this is an Order directly directly at Deric, to protect people he’d likely go after.”

That is quite a series of statements considering who made them to me. What is clear is that Deric is one of the strangest defendants to grace the halls of Federal court in quite some time.

It will be interesting to see if any more surprises show up in my e-mail in the coming days.

Stay tuned


bclarkI was under the impression that crises management firms were there to manage a crises rather than create their own. That, however, seems to be what they have done.

mlmdeaththreat3I am not sure about how all of this started but apparently accusations of death threats that were alleged to have been made in a phone call to a Florida lawyer caused things to explode on the internet in what could literally be called a case of “he said she said” as accusations were made and accusations.

farleydenialAs the battle intensified between the parties, more accusations against the reputation management firm began to pile up. There are accusations of stolen valor because the women claim that one of the partners of the firm claimed to be a Navy Seal, that he is a foreign national and so forth.

There are demands being made by the women that proof of the educational background of the partner in question. Each new day seems to bring a new accusation and in return, a new denial.

The latest development in this saga is the woman at the forefront of the battle against the crises management firm is now giving crises management advice to the legal firm who retained them.

She has also advised the legal firm as to how to properly conduct the defense of his client.

Who would have imagined that a trial of an alleged hacker would turn into such a mess?

So much for crises management.

Stay tuned


bclarkOn Sept, 11th, the crises management company being used to assist Deric Lostutter posted several statements denying the allegations made by a number of women on twitter over the past few days.

The firm also declared that recordings that were made available to law enforcement at the appropriate times.

farleydenialAs the debate continues over this firm and the accusations made, it seems that September is shaping up as a most interesting month as we count down to the beginning of the trial of Deric Lostutter in federal court in November.

Stay tuned


murtleaksNow that the great sock creator has been exposed and is now silent, at least for the time being, one has to wonder about the person behind all of the sock accounts and the known twitter account.

There is not a heck of a lot known about her. When I was first contacted by her, she stated her case and because we had a mutual enemy, we kept in contact for quite a long time.

It was not a smooth road, it was quite rocky and was full of potholes. The person has an extremely bad temper. Her temper is worse than mine which is bad enough.

One of the main causes of discourse between us is when I say anything negative about Tim Holmseth. She is highly supportive of him which is her right.

Another bone of contention between us is her equally intense support of Deric. This one surprised me but there are others who support him so she is not alone on that one either.

What DOES start to confuse me is her new found support of Radio. The two of them have been bitter enemies for years. Both have fought each other like feral cats.

She once claimed to have hired an Orlando private detective to find out Radio’s identity. For some strange reason that did not work out and my discussion with the detective in question was rather interesting.

Apparently her new found support of Radio comes from her disdain of Kim P with whom she has had issues with for years.

Radio came out on her blog and said things about Kim that she liked and she went running to Radio almost instantly after that.

Now if that is not enough to have a few people scratching their heads in wonderment there is her actions on Twitter to consider.

She used to have a single Twitter account that was open to the public. She then started blocking people which did not work so she locked her account and left both those on her side and those who are not out of it.

It was not long after that, that she started with the profile texting. She will tag her targets username with sometimes cryptic messages of dissent or criticism. She would sometimes change her header with various screenshots or other images.

In some cases she would have no avi photo and a neutral background on her profile page with her strange post being the only thing she says.

I wonder why someone would go through the trouble of locking her account only to go on a posting binge using her profile as a source of her messaging. The tweet numbers for her private account has not changed in months.

And then the next thing to wonder about is all of the sock account that have cropped up for several years.

There has been a lot of speculation for years about who was behind the tremendous number of sock accounts created to attack just about everyone involved in the various arguments on Twitter and elsewhere, me included.

Nobody was immune from being a sock creator suspect, with me being the primary target of that speculation.

That speculation came to a grinding halt yesterday when she exposed herself as the sock creator in a why that left absolutely no doubt.

I went into this in my prior post so there is no reason to detail it here suffice to say the evidence is clear and absolute.

This brings us to wonder why. It must have taken a lot of effort and time to create all of those socks. While that tactic did garner a lot of attention it did not accomplish what she set out to do.

Instead she became a subject of anger in her own right. She would up damaging those who tried to support her and eventually turned even the few that supported her against her.

She has made people realize that they were not each others enemy but rather, the victim of someone that played all of them against each other for reasons only known to herself.

She took her hatred of one person, Kim and used that to inflame others for no good reason.

She then turns to the one person who hates her as much as she hates Kim for support only to be met by a closed door.

Several people have informed me that e-mails she has sent out have gone unanswered. Her contact attempts have been completely ignored.

She now finds herself alone and ignored. She is now an object of pity as well as of scorn.

We are left to wonder….

Was it worth it?

Stay tuned


murtleaksFor the past several years there have been over a hundred sock accounts created that would attack all sides of those who were fighting with each other on Twitter. The pattern was always the same. The sock would appear with no followers and with the creator not following any one.

The sock account would be deactivated within a a few hours or a couple of days.

The sock creator got the attention of her intended target by tagging their @username on Twitter.

This time, however, the sock creator made a mistake. It is this mistake that FINALLY exposed her as the one who has been behind almost all of the sock accounts.

The sock account creator, who had accused me of forwarding private e-mails to the “enemy” used those same e-mails to disclose what conversations I had discussed with her and her alone. She did so on the above sock changing the username several times.

It was the proof I needed. I suspect everyone knew it was her all along although there were those who thought either I or Fletcher or other people created them at my direction.

The latter intensified the wrath of my critics toward me and only made matters worse.

It is now clear that the sock creator is one person who created them for one single reason, her extreme dislike or hate of Kim P. Her dislike and hatred of Levi Page came in at a close second.

If anyone demonstrates any kind of friendship towards Kim or even a cordial association with her, this sock creator goes on the attack.

As this blog is being written, the sock creator is making what are known as profile rants on her locked Twitter account. This is a pattern of hers that has gone on for years.

There is one thing to note on those profile rants. The username changes almost instantly. Within the past hour or so,people have noted at least a dozen username changes on that account. These changes are in the exact same location as on the sock accounts.

It is just more evidence to point towards that person as the most prolific sock account creator we have ever seen on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter.

I hope now that both my supporters and critics understand we have all been played and can put our differences to rest, at least for now.

Stay tuned




One of my former allies and supporters has once again accused me of forwarding e-mails sent to me regarding alleged abuses by certain parties of to those parties.

I, of course, did not. I am old school. I was brought up in an era where people took the reasonable expectation of privacy meant just that.

It was considered a breach of ethics to make public private and sensitive information that would be contained within certain modes of communication.

This seems not to be the case today. Almost every day, there is a news report where someone gets into trouble due to the content exchanged privately that was never intended to be made public.

It is common, on the internet today, to see copies of said conversations between people posted. I admit that I did so recently when I cited a criticism made to me by one of my supporters.

It may have been unethical for me to do that, but I made the exception in that case in order to provide proof that I had paid a cost for the articles I wrote about Deric.

Astro has made the accusation that I forwarded e-mails between me and other victims of internet abuse to the alleged abusers.

This I have not done. It would make no sense for me to do so.

In closing I do leave you this warning. Do not put anything in a  private conversation with someone you do not know that you would not want made public.

Dire consequences might result.

Stay tuned