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I have had my own reasons over the years to question content on the internet and where I think something is off. I try and either prove or debunk what I see.

I had the feeling something was off with Deric’s donation account and decided to do a bit of research. One of the first things I noticed as in the beginning, most of hisĀ  individual donation amounts were fairly small. The average donation amount was no more than $25.00

Then after a while the individual donation amounts started to grow in size. There are a total of 246 donations as of this writing. The first 200 or so donation amounts stayed below $100.00

There also started to be a growing number of anonymous donations as well. This alone is not that unusual since people might not want to be the subject of trolling because they chose to support Deric’s cause.


Below are the first few amounts at his donation site. Note the amounts compared to the amounts above.


What was unusual was that the individual donation amounts have gotten quite large, over $100.00 to $250. at times. Recently, however, there has been a donation of $500.00 and $1000.00.

It was these two donations that raised my scam alert alarm to full blast. I asked myself who in the hell would give a thousand dollars to a complete stranger simply because he is accused of breaking into a small sports website to steal some photos and emails?

I can understand that perhaps someone, a close family member or supporter may give a larger amount but who the hell would give him $500.00 let alone $1000.00?

I also decided to ask around to some friends who know how these donation sites work and how someone could enter phony donation pledges if they wanted to.

It turns out that it is fairly easy to do. I will not get into detail hereĀ  but most people out there could figure this out. The key is how the donation amounts are entered and how the funds are paid.

At this time I cannot prove that Deric or someone else is playing games with that donation site but I can ask for people to use some common sense.

I challenge those who read here to do their own research. Pretend that you own a donation site and you wanted to inflate the donation amounts in order to trick people into either donating when they would otherwise not do so or donate larger amounts since “everyone else is doing so.”

You just might be surprised how easy it is.

Stay tuned