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oopsradioontheairAs is her usual style, the sock creator is in high spin mode. Every time she gets caught in one of her lies or stunts, she becomes defensive and tries to divert from her wrongdoing.

The same holds true today as she posts favorable comments to herself to blunt the criticism from those who now know the truth.

I find one comment most interesting as it asks why the need for all of the sock accounts when she already has a “successful” blog.

The answer, of course is to create attention that would compel people to go to the blog for “the rest of the story.”

There is always a pattern behind the sock creation and how the stories wind up on the blog. She will try and write general stories as demonstrated on the blog today. She notices that she is not getting much attention to these so called ordinary stories and lo and behold, sock accounts soon appear attacking Kim, Levi or someone else.

This causes tempers to flare and soon the story winds up on her blog along with a large number of comments railing against the usual suspects behind the new sock accounts.

This cycle has gone on for years and nobody has been none the wiser, until a couple of months ago when most of the blog vanished.

The same thing happened to theĀ  twitter account. She wiped it clean and started over. It was the ultimate cover up since most people could go back through the old blog and find the pattern for themselves.

The problem is that there are many out there that has the entire blog and twitter account archived. People do the same thing with my blogs and accounts. Everyone can go through the deleted blog portions to see the pattern for themselves and see how this fraud unfolded over the years.

At this point it really does not matter if she mounts a defense or not. People have seen the light. They understand that the sock accounts were meant to play people against each other.

Now that people have seen the light, perhaps the childish behavior will stop and we can all move on to more important matters such as Deric whose story had been set aside over the antics of the sock creator being exposed.

Stay tuned