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Well, now, welcome to my world. For almost a decade, I have been accused of just about any crime and misdeed anyone could think of.  

In the middle of this spate of accusers one stood out as the primary accuser. This individual was a late comer to the party but soon took over as the accuser in chief.

This individual inflamed already heated arguments and took them to a new intensity through her blog. She allied herself with those who she felt were the stronger among the group and took advantage of one or more of her powerful connections to enhance her standing within this new community.

And then a mistake was made. Something as simple as a phone number caused a crack in this wall of power and now the accuser stands accused.

The accuser stands accused by her strongest ally. Tempers have flared and anger has arisen. It has been said that this power hungry person is behind scores of sock accounts attacking not only the enemies of her allies and friends but the allies and friends themselves.

Her closest friend and ally has made the most serious accusations and has expressed her anger and disappointment.

In spite of all of this, the accused maintains her innocence. Her defenders ( or fake defenders created by herself) are but few and anonymous. She mocks her accusers.

She seems to have forgotten her role as the accuser as she continues her defense against being the accused.

She will now understand that once accused, it is hard to counter the accusations. No matter what evidence is provided the accused will remain the accused. No defense will be accepted by the majority. Any defenders of the accused will have to remain anonymous for fear of being mocked for defending a deceiver.

 Now, there are a number of options at this point. One of them is for the accuser to keep on with her spin and denial or things can stop and stop now.

No more inflaming disputes with the continued game playing. We can all move on in our various directions and pursue our various goals and interests.

In short, we can leave each other alone. We can ignore all of the game players, the troll creators and the hate mongers.

And we can ignore the accusers and their blogs.

My choice is to ignore and walk away from the disputes. My choice is to live my own life and not worry about the game players and the trolls.

What choice will you make?

Stay tuned