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When the hearing concerning the latest violation of the court terms by Deric Lostutter convenes tomorrow, there will be a man there to witness everything.

He is a journalist, turned photographer and a journalist once again.

His name is Don Carpenter.

dontrip(C)Don Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter became best known for his coverage of the Big Red Rape case in Steubenville, Ohio. He was most interested in the actions of Deric Lostutter aka Kyanonymous and the involvement of other members of Anonymous as well as a number of social media celebrities who were active in trying to seek justice for Jane Doe and hoping to do something about the ever growing problem of date rape most frequently by teenage athletes.


Anyone who has followed the case and the actions of certain individuals and groups understand full well the role social media played in the case and the divisions that were created that last to this day.

Mr. Carpenter was not entirely pleased how things went and he said so in a recent post on Twitter.

He felt, however, that it was necessary for him to cover the court case of Deric Lostutter for he felt that Deric was at the center of a lot that went wrong during the case and in retrospect was the best and most appropriate person to cover this case to it’s conclusion.

There are a lot of us who will be viewing whatever content he places on the internet for it is he who is best to tell the tale of The United States of America vs Deric Lostutter.

Stay tuned