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kycourtseal“It is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning” Those profound words best describe what will resume in Lexington, Ky less than 24 hours from now.

The hearing tomorrow is not about a high profile case of someone famous, Casey Anthony, for example or even the likes of Snowden.

The stakes, however are quite high. The first question to be answered is if the defendant, Deric Lostutter will lose his freedom because of his latest alleged violation of his probation and theĀ  nature of that violation.

His violation was not as bad as his donation efforts, which are sure to be part of the proceedings but the more severe violation of harassing a woman and making threats against her.

The latter makes him a likely danger to society. Deric seems to realize the error of his ways since he seems to have “gone dark” since being notified of his latest violation and his requirement to be in court tomorrow.

If he is not remanded into the custody of the US Marshall’s service tomorrow, I will be surprised as well would be those who are following the situation closely.

Deric has been lucky so far so it will be interesting to see if his luck either holds out or runs out.

After tomorrow, things will begin in earnest as the jury is selected, motions are offered and heard and the way things will go forward as instructed by the judge are worked out.

By the end of this year, the fate of Deric will be known as well as the impact his case may well have on the CFAA. If he is found guilty, the federal government may feel it has the tools it needs to start bringing more defendants to justice and in the process deter others from going down this same path.

Stay tuned