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It has been a little over a month since the big lie was exposed and the true creator of the countless number of sock accounts and the false dissent that led to both my supporters and those who are my critics to go down a long and dark road.

Because of this fraud, my temper got the better of me and I said and did things over the years that I now regret. I had false accusation after false accusation piled upon me and was trying to right these wrongs.

It now turns out that my haters were drawn into a battle due to a fraud by someone who remains unknown and anonymous. This coward hid behind her curtain of secrecy and played all of us against each other.

As is always the case, the truth eventually comes out and it was by the sock creators own doing. She made a big mistake and got caught.

It is there for time for me to formally apologize to each and every one of my critics that have been unfairly targeted by my efforts to defend my reputation.

We may never agree with each other and your criticism of me will most certainly continue. At least now our differences can be honest and out in the open without anyone barging in and playing us for fools.

Stay tuned