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Monthly Archives: November 2016


I came across a rather curious rebuttal by a twitter account holder to those who pointed out to her, their point of view when it comes to Deric and their take on an article that she had retweeted.

ma1Contained within her Tweetlonger rebuttal was the oft repeated line “He is facing more time than the fucking rapists.”

” I tweeted an article I came across my timeline regarding Deric Lostutter, the article is titled;

I was then bombarded with tweets demanding I research (some tweets have since been deleted, more on this in a minute) and was linked several times to a website using KyAnononymous’s true name as the URL (I don’t want to promote the site so I won’t mention it) which is troubling in many ways.”

The problem with that quote is that it is both not necessarily true and also does not take a number of factors into account.

First, since Deric has plead guilty to two of the most serious charges against him, he may get a reduced sentence that may amount to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The maximum allowable sentences are not set in stone. The judge has some leeway in sentencing based on his study of any exculpatory evidence that may be provided by Deric’s defense atty.

According to a Federal sentencing guide book, Deric could face as little as 6 months of jail time or even just probation, depending on the judges decision.


The next thing to consider is the seriousness of what Deric has confessed to. I admit that any unwanted sexual actions (rape and so forth) is a serious crime, in the eyes of the law there are some substantial differences.

Deric has confessed to the unlawful accessing of a website and the email account contained there. He is alleged to have falsely accused an innocent victim of being a pedophile and also tampered with the website itself using it as a base to broadcast threats.

Deric also plead guilty to lying to the FBI. What he should have done is to have remained quiet and asked for a lawyer to be present before ANY questioning. Everyone knows that and he certainly did not have to be read the Miranda warning to understand that right himself.

The next thing to take into consideration is that at the time of their conviction, the two defendants in the rape case were minors themselves.

Included in any jail time was their being listed as sex offenders and their names being forever attached to the Steubenville rape case. The latter will be a punishment they will never be free of. Their part in the incident will follow them for the rest of their lives and will be their legacy.

The use of Deric’s Legal name in the blog being written about him is a bit troublesome but not uncommon. I know this from personal experience.

One only has to look at the various social media websites set up to criticize both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Like it or not, Deric is a public figure and thus is a target for such criticism.

Deric is not only being targeted by the so called trolls that the above person claimed trolled her but also by the very organization that he claimed to be a part of and supporting, Anonymous.

It is an unwritten rule in an organization that has few if any rules, that anyone attaching themselves to Anonymous will not use the cause to engage in Fame whoring or profit.

When one is Anonymous, they are supposed to remain Anonymous. Deric did neither and outed himself in a short period of time.

The net result is that not only are the “trolls” she mentioned critical of Deric, but scores of those associated with Anonymous are as well.

The FBI raid on his home was not caused by any diligent investigative work by the federal agency but, instead, by Deric himself who outed himself as Kyanonymous at every opportunity.


Finally, DERIC DID NOT EXPOSE THE RAPISTS. Their names were already known by law enforcement and just about everyone who was following the progress of the case. In fact, it is claimed by law enforcement that his efforts may have, in fact, PREVENTED more guilty parties from being brought to justice because the various threats by Anonymous and others scared off potential witnesses who could have contributed more to getting at the truth of the matter than Deric ever could have.

In closing, I would caution the above person in any attempt to include me in with the people she calls trolls.  I am certain that if she were to investigate my presence on the internet, she would find that I have little incentive to support or defend them.

I took a great deal of time to look into Deric’s cases (yes there are at least two of them) and found that, for the most part, the criticism of Deric was based on facts that are a matter of public record and that a large amount of those facts came as a result of  Deric’s own words and actions.

Will Deric “be facing more time than the fucking rapists?” Or not?

We may know for certain on March 8th, 2017

Stay tuned



Deric Lostutter is going to have a considerable amount of time to prepare for his judgement day which is scheduled to be on March 8th 2017. That is, if he does not violate the terms of his release and gets arrested earlier.

Many who have followed the Lostutter saga are aware that he has violated the terms of his release and according to one prominent blogger may have violated the release terms once again.

According to an article she wrote in her blog, Alexandra Goddard claimed to have found that Deric continues to violate his parole terms by accessing the internet.


To prove this, she posted a comment on his Facebook page. The comment immediately vanished. This would have proven that Deric or someone with access of the account deleted it.

At this point, one cannot be absolutely assured this is proof of his violating but it is something to consider since he has violated this part of the terms of his release.

There will be several opportunities for him to either prove he can obey the rules or for him to try and get away with violating them.

One thing is clear, people are going to be keeping a close eye on Deric, ready to pounce the second he does violate the rules and finds himself in jail far earlier than he may be scheduled to do so.

And so the wait begins.


One of the last things I expected to happen on Thanksgiving Day was to be trolled. I should have known better since there are those who are all alone on this holiday and it is because of that,that they lash out at their targets on the internet in some attempt to make up for their shortcomings.

This troll has been around before and for the same reason. Before I continue, a bit of background.


Once upon a time, a few decades ago there was a woman, her then husband, two minor children and another female who were residing in a rather decrepit mobile home in a small park in Fruitland Park Florida.

For some reason, this woman and her husband allegedly decided to have sex on the kitchen table while the children watched. The husband even instructed one of the children to take photographs of the naked woman.


The pair were arrested, the husband was convicted. The wife confessed to 4 counts of lewd acts in the presence of children. In return for testifying against her then husband, she got probation and lucky for her, did not have to register as a sex offender since the law with that requirement had not been enacted.


Her confession and the incident was soon forgotten until many years later when someone decided to investigate the background of everyone who was a moderator or administrator of

websleuthsAn article soon appeared on a social media website exposing this then Moderator on as an unregistered sex offender and worse, she was a pedophile since her crime involved children.

A firestorm soon broke out when Her sister and the administrator of my multimedia website claimed that the children lied about the incident. The claim was that someone close to the children persuaded them to lie about the whole thing, in spite of a vast amount of evidence to the contrary, including photographs.

Fast forward to today and the troll who suddenly posted a direct message on my twitter account.


Since this was a story of interest to many on social media, I asked the party to send me a link to the donation site once it was set up.

It was at this point the conversation went south and I was confronted with the threat of a lawsuit.


There was a bit of an extended conversation until near the end when the troll decided to wrap things up and said the following:


This is a repeat pattern with this particular troll who has been posting to me on and off for the past 7 years. The troll has a problem. It claims that the children in the case lied.

The troll had better be able to prove that since the children in question are now adults. In past claims regarding the truth of the children, Terri and her sister published enough information making it easy to identify exactly who the children who are now adults,  are and where they currently reside.

The two individuals are said to be aware of the claims by the alleged pedophile and have been considering a legal remedy for quite some time.

If the troll persists with these antics, they may be motivated to finally settle this matter once and for all.

It looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a more interesting year than I had first thought.

Stay tuned




The Federal Court has published the plea agreement in the federal case against Deric Lostutter. I had not expected any surprises, but was soon proven wrong. Regardless of the final sentence, there are provisions of the plea agreement that are quite severe.

The first part is the maximum punishment for each of the offenses:


What came as a bit of a surprise is that Deric had to pay the court $200.00 today when he appeared to enter his plea.

This next section of the court filing is a bit confusing. It goes over how the punishment part of the plea agreement will be determined.

tableWhat came as a surprise is that he is likely to be given a sentence starting as little as 6 months or less and then can be increased by 0-6 months depending on aggravating circumstances and any violations that occur upon release from prison.


The document also indicates that he will receive a maximum of 3 years of supervised probation for each offense. Some might consider this a slap on the wrist considering his lack of adherence to the rules of the court in the past.

The next part of this document is interesting in that it spells out what Deric CANNOT do when it comes to his plea agreement:



#9 is important because Deric will no longer be able to use the federal courts to try and clear his name or reduce the punishment the judge levies against him. No appeals whatsoever.


This next one is a bit of a surprise. Deric is going to lose possession of anything he used to commit the crimes he plead guilty of. That includes any pc’s, video game consoles, cellphones, storage media and so forth. That means he has likely lost the possession of everything that was taken in that FBI raid several years ago.


Deric will probably be fined and the amount could be quite a lot. This next section gets into what he can look forward to when the time comes to pay his debt to society:



Deric is in a real bad spot regardless of the degree of punishment. His actions will be restricted and he will be under financial pressure to pay the fines levied by the government.

The chapter in this case will be to find out exactly what the punishment the judge hands down. This will give Deric something to worry about as he tries to make the best of the holiday season.

Stay Tuned





tolaThis case has produced a lot of surprises and a short while ago I got yet another unexpected one. It seems that a letter was written to the judge presiding over the case and it was made a part of the court record of the case.

tol1The letter by Thomas Norman Olsen chronicles some of the events that took place curing what he calls “The Steubenville Debacle.”

Much of what is in his letter can be read in the website he and a British national set up in order to go into detail what his take was on the events having to do with The Big Red Rape case and Deric’s part in it.


In the letter, Mr Olsen chronicles in great detail how he became to be associated with Deric Lostutter and why he eventually parted company with him, mainly due to Deric’s subsequent actions after the case was resolved.

Mr. Olsen’s letter makes it clear that more went on than just a simple hacking of a website and the unauthorized use thereof.

tol2The letter accuses Deric Lostutter of using the case for his own personal gain, making pleas for donation after donation and making the lives miserable for those who dared to criticize him for doing so. It tells of how Deric has launched court case after court case to put a stop to this criticism and draining the financial resources of his victims in the process.

tol3The judge now has more evidence to consider when he decides on whatever punishment he doles out when Deric is ordered to appear in front of him for sentencing sometime in the near future.

Stay tuned





It appears that Deric may have a last minute holiday gift. He could be spending the entire holiday a free man and not have to worry about being locked up until after the first of next year.

It is a common procedure in criminal cases for prosecutors to file what is known as a “Presentence investigation report” with the court.

The report would detail an investigation into the history of person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there are extenuating circumstances which should be a factor when mitigating  the sentence or a history of criminal behavior to increase the harshness of the sentence.

As of this writing such a report has not been filed. Because of this, Deric’s sentence could be delayed until January 2017.

It would be a hollow victory at best since the cloud of his going to jail would be hanging over him during a season which should be a celebration rather than a countdown of doom.

Deric may well be consumed fretting over how his actions over the past several years may culminate in the disaster that awaits him sooner rather than later.

One last question to consider. Will the bird take flight?

Stay tuned



As of this writing, it is around 12 hours before Deric Lostutter is to appear in Federal court to learn his fate. He has agreed to plea guilty to two of the counts against him.

There are a number of options facing Deric that will be in the hands of the judge presiding over the hearing.

The first question has to be, is Deric going to have one last Thanksgiving dinner before sentencing? It is a common practice to allow a defendant in an action such as this have a bit of time to get their affairs in order before being remanded into custody.


The problem for Deric is that he has been a real pain in the ass for his Probation officers as well as the federal judge. He has violated the terms of his pre trial release on more than one occasion. He has angered the judge to the point where he has been scolded in a manner not generally seen in Federal proceedings.


Still, this is the day before Thanksgiving and Deric is the father of a newborn, so perhaps the judge will have a heart and allow him to have his one last Thanksgiving before he goes to jail, if that turns out to be the case.

I had a discussion with an expert in these matters and this is what I was told:

“It could part of Deric’s plea agreement to turn himself in at a later date after getting his affairs in order. If not, Tor could argue for a delay in turning in the commencement of his incarceration, and the Judge would decide. Often, the Govt won’t include that in the plea agreement, but will inform defense counsel that they “won’t object” when argued to the Judge.”

The next option is one that Deric should worry about given the grief he has given the Federal court system:

” Also, keep in mind that in federal court, the Judge has ultimate discretion to accept or reject a plea agreement. If he rejects it, Deric can withdraw his plea and go to trial, or renegotiate another plea agreement with the Govt which may pass muster with the Judge. “

This presents a risk to Deric in that if he is forced to go to trial, he could well be convicted of ALL the charges which would cause his jail term to be much more severe than the possible outcomes to his current plea agreement.

My source then went into what happens if Deric were to enter an open plea.

” The last alternative is that Deric could make an “open plea”, which means he pleads guilty without a plea agreement in place, and takes his chances with whatever sentence the Judge hands down.”

My source does not think his lawyer will take this option due to the risk involved and his problems with the court:

“Everyone hates Deric and what he represents. I believe the greatest blunder here was putting Detox and his brother in the stand for that suppression hearing. Tor should have known that Deric wouldn’t present well, and that the Magistrate would then get the opportunity to slam him in a recommended order. That’s exactly what happened. That opinion by the Magistrate calling Deric and his brother a liar, was devastating.”

By sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening we should have our answer. Don Carpenter is there to cover this case and he will be the first one to tell the world Deric’s fate.

So, link to Don’s twitter account and…..

Stay tuned



The on line battle between those who voted for Trump and those who voted for Hillary and others running for President has taken an odd twist.

There is an account on Twitter that is posting the name and employer of every donor to Donald Trump’s campaign.

This is troubling in that it is an act of intimidation against those who have exercised their constitutional rights. The only option here is for someone to start a similar account to post the personal information of those who made donations to Hillary or to Bernie or the others who ran for President.

It is a shame that it has come to something like this and it looks to only get worse as the heated passions over this years elections are getting more intense.

Stay tuned


pulseWith the election of Donald J Trump and with those he is likely add to his administration, this song should become a battle cry to those who may feel oppressed under his new administration.

Stay tuned




There used to be a Facebook page critical of Deric and his past alleged transgressions. It no longer exists. “Someone” got it deleted.


Someone forgot to tell Facebook that Deric is a public figure and is subject to public scrutiny. I suppose that due to all of the alt right hate sites that have cropped up lately along with the fake news sites that have appeared on Facebook that they suspended the page out of an abundance of caution.

Deric’s days are numbered, however, as his court date is less than 24 hours away as of this writing. Sometime tomorrow, we will learn what is in store for Deric now that he has agreed to plea guilty to two of the four charges lodged against him.

Some worry that he is going to get a slap on the wrist but I think not. Deric has angered the court as well as a lot of people who have flooded the various officers of the court with a mountain of complaints.

This is something the judge cannot ignore.

Stay tuned