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There used to be a Facebook page critical of Deric and his past alleged transgressions. It no longer exists. “Someone” got it deleted.


Someone forgot to tell Facebook that Deric is a public figure and is subject to public scrutiny. I suppose that due to all of the alt right hate sites that have cropped up lately along with the fake news sites that have appeared on Facebook that they suspended the page out of an abundance of caution.

Deric’s days are numbered, however, as his court date is less than 24 hours away as of this writing. Sometime tomorrow, we will learn what is in store for Deric now that he has agreed to plea guilty to two of the four charges lodged against him.

Some worry that he is going to get a slap on the wrist but I think not. Deric has angered the court as well as a lot of people who have flooded the various officers of the court with a mountain of complaints.

This is something the judge cannot ignore.

Stay tuned