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I came across a rather curious rebuttal by a twitter account holder to those who pointed out to her, their point of view when it comes to Deric and their take on an article that she had retweeted.

ma1Contained within her Tweetlonger rebuttal was the oft repeated line “He is facing more time than the fucking rapists.”

” I tweeted an article I came across my timeline regarding Deric Lostutter, the article is titled;

I was then bombarded with tweets demanding I research (some tweets have since been deleted, more on this in a minute) and was linked several times to a website using KyAnononymous’s true name as the URL (I don’t want to promote the site so I won’t mention it) which is troubling in many ways.”

The problem with that quote is that it is both not necessarily true and also does not take a number of factors into account.

First, since Deric has plead guilty to two of the most serious charges against him, he may get a reduced sentence that may amount to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The maximum allowable sentences are not set in stone. The judge has some leeway in sentencing based on his study of any exculpatory evidence that may be provided by Deric’s defense atty.

According to a Federal sentencing guide book, Deric could face as little as 6 months of jail time or even just probation, depending on the judges decision.


The next thing to consider is the seriousness of what Deric has confessed to. I admit that any unwanted sexual actions (rape and so forth) is a serious crime, in the eyes of the law there are some substantial differences.

Deric has confessed to the unlawful accessing of a website and the email account contained there. He is alleged to have falsely accused an innocent victim of being a pedophile and also tampered with the website itself using it as a base to broadcast threats.

Deric also plead guilty to lying to the FBI. What he should have done is to have remained quiet and asked for a lawyer to be present before ANY questioning. Everyone knows that and he certainly did not have to be read the Miranda warning to understand that right himself.

The next thing to take into consideration is that at the time of their conviction, the two defendants in the rape case were minors themselves.

Included in any jail time was their being listed as sex offenders and their names being forever attached to the Steubenville rape case. The latter will be a punishment they will never be free of. Their part in the incident will follow them for the rest of their lives and will be their legacy.

The use of Deric’s Legal name in the blog being written about him is a bit troublesome but not uncommon. I know this from personal experience.

One only has to look at the various social media websites set up to criticize both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Like it or not, Deric is a public figure and thus is a target for such criticism.

Deric is not only being targeted by the so called trolls that the above person claimed trolled her but also by the very organization that he claimed to be a part of and supporting, Anonymous.

It is an unwritten rule in an organization that has few if any rules, that anyone attaching themselves to Anonymous will not use the cause to engage in Fame whoring or profit.

When one is Anonymous, they are supposed to remain Anonymous. Deric did neither and outed himself in a short period of time.

The net result is that not only are the “trolls” she mentioned critical of Deric, but scores of those associated with Anonymous are as well.

The FBI raid on his home was not caused by any diligent investigative work by the federal agency but, instead, by Deric himself who outed himself as Kyanonymous at every opportunity.


Finally, DERIC DID NOT EXPOSE THE RAPISTS. Their names were already known by law enforcement and just about everyone who was following the progress of the case. In fact, it is claimed by law enforcement that his efforts may have, in fact, PREVENTED more guilty parties from being brought to justice because the various threats by Anonymous and others scared off potential witnesses who could have contributed more to getting at the truth of the matter than Deric ever could have.

In closing, I would caution the above person in any attempt to include me in with the people she calls trolls.  I am certain that if she were to investigate my presence on the internet, she would find that I have little incentive to support or defend them.

I took a great deal of time to look into Deric’s cases (yes there are at least two of them) and found that, for the most part, the criticism of Deric was based on facts that are a matter of public record and that a large amount of those facts came as a result of  Deric’s own words and actions.

Will Deric “be facing more time than the fucking rapists?” Or not?

We may know for certain on March 8th, 2017

Stay tuned