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Monthly Archives: November 2016


Well, Monday is getting off to an interesting start. Yesterday, someone created a petition asking the President to pardon Deric Lostutter for the crimes he has agreed to plea guilty to this week.

He has a long way to go to get to the 100,000 vote benchmark needed for this to even get the attention of the President.

At last check, 13 or so had signed the petition.

Deric Lostutter is a hacker. While this term carries a very negative connotation, he is a hacker who used his many talents to expose the brutal rape of an underaged girl in Steudenville, Ohio. While the Steudenville rapists walk free Lostutter faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors. It is a sad day in America when a man exposes a brutal rape and recieves a harsher sentence than the rapists themselves. Rapists that publicly and repeatedly raped an underage girl, filmed it, and posted it on social media each recieved less than 2 years and may avoid registering as sex offenders.


We the People would like to petition that POTUS Obama grants a pardon to Lostutter, we do not believe he deserves jail time or a record for standing up to rape culture.”

There is a problem here. The woman who started this petition has her facts wrong. According to several sources, Deric had little, if anything to do with the resolution of the Steubenville rape case.

The majority of the credit goes to Alexandra Goddard and Michelle McKee who first brought this case to national attention and who became the strong advocates for seeking justice for the rape survivor, Jane doe, a teenager who had the bad luck of attending a party where the rape was alleged to have taken place.

Despite his claims, Deric did not hack the website. This was done by someone with the username JustBatcat. He got access to the website in question using an old fashioned technique called “social engineering.” He simply guessed the log in information for the website and the email account that was also accessed. He then was alleged to have passed this information on to Deric who is about to confess using that information to illegally access the website and tamper with it.

Deric’s intrusion into the Big Red Rape case did nothing to expose any coverup ( it was proven that there was none) but, instead, made matters worse. The net result was that the alleged rapists got light sentences and others who may have had some responsibility for what happened, got away with no punishment because potential witnesses were scared off.

Steubenville was already divided as to who was responsible for what happened and why it happened. Deric’s alleged actions intensified the divisions and tore the small town apart. The subject of date rape was soon forgotten as the supporters of the alleged rapists and others who were accused of being a part of the incident and those who sought justice fought and intense social media war, with some elements that continues to this day.

Many of those targeted in this social media war were potential witnesses who could have named more guilty parties. Fearing reprisals from neighbors in this small town, they chose not to speak up and went into hiding.

Many believe that as a result, those who were found guilty were given a slap on the wrist and now have have resumed their lives with little or no negative effects.

Those in the small town of Steubenville, however have had to suffer to this day with the stress and lost friendships and trust due largely to Deric and others who chose to make matters worse for their own reasons, prominent of which was to seek fame and fortune by claiming undeserved credit.


It is said that Deric has made tens of thousands of dollars by creating  numerous donation sites and retelling his version of how things went down.

In addition to his impending appearance in federal court this week, Deric has also been embroiled in a civil lawsuit which he has filed in federal court against his harshest critics.

sgtpleaWhile it is likely that the case will be dismissed, Deric has imposed a financial hardship among those who have had to defend themselves against his civil actions against them.

They may well win their case, but that victory will come at a tremendous cost.

Stay tuned



The biggest casualty of election 2016 is the lost friendships that have become all too common. It is a fact of life that this is a deeply divided nation. This became all to clear this year in the presidential election cycle. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have done and said things in the past that got a lot of people angry.

Part of that result has been the extreme anger that has been displayed by those on both sides of the election. Demands of those posting negative things about who they support have reached an intensity not seen in recent times.

The result is a massive amount of unfriending on Facebook and unfollowing, blocking and muting on Twitter and elsewhere.

There has been online friendships both strained and destroyed as well as deep divisions within families.

This is a shame. It is one of the reasons I have avoided debating politics for years. Passions tend to get intense and the results of the that intense passion can be wrought with disaster.


We all need to realize that our friendships are more important than our political points of view as well as that of our friends.

Let us all celebrate our differences as well as those things that caused us to become friends. It is those things that we can agree with and have in common with each other that is the most important.

Happy thanks giving……and

Stay tuned



We are being sued for one million dollars in federal court  by Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, a federally indicted serial cyber bully who illegally accessed a computer and lied to the FBI per pleadings filed in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

Deric Lostutter has been bullying people online for 4 years.  When  a small group of individuals began publicly chastising Deric Lostutter and speaking out against him, he became dangerously retaliatory.  Deric Lostutter filed criminal arrest warrants in North Carolina forcing two of his victims to travel to Winston-Salem to submit to arrest.  He also filed 6 restraining orders in North Carolina against individuals who did not live in his state in an attempt to silence them.  He has filed multiple lawsuits against us, and to date has cost his victims over $10,000 in legal fees to defend ourselves against his vindictive and retaliatory abuse of the legal system.  Our last fund on another site was suspended recently, and there is only one person who would benefit from the suspension. 

The defendants in the civil lawsuit that Deric filed have restored the donation page that had been taken down due to the complaint by either Deric or someone who objected to the wording of the original account.

In the restored donation website, the defendants once again detail why they are being sued and why they should prevail.

We are confident that we will prevail in court and our motion to dismiss will be granted, but federal court takes time and money.

We need your help to fund our defense and fight Deric Lostutter’s desperate attempt to silence the truth about him.

More information about Deric Lostutter and documentation of his many victims can be found at

If you are more comfortable donating directly to our attorney, checks can be mailed to:

Daniel Gibson, Esq.
140 East Water Street
Statesville, NC 28677

It is not clear if there will be another attempt to have this new website shut down. If Deric was behind the original suspension, he may not repeat his actions since he has enough to do with both his civil and criminal cases.

Also, if Deric is filing these complaints, it is correct to assume that he is accessing the internet at some point in order to do so.

That just might put him in violation, once again, of the court orders against his being on the internet.

At this point, this may not result in his arrest since there is only a week or so left before he is to appear in court in regards to his plea agreement.

What may happen, however, is that his recent actions may be taken into account when the Judge weighs what punishment to impose upon him as well as any probation restrictions he may decide upon to take place once Deric completes his jail sentence.

Stay tuned



Deric filed more paperwork with the Federal civil court objecting to the Defendant’s requests in their motion filed recently. Deric once again, not using a typewriter or printer scribbled out his various objections to the motion by the Defendant’s atty.



What is important to note here is that Deric is to appear in Federal court in regards to the pending approval of his plea agreement where he pleas guilty to two of the counts against him.

It is not too far fetched that he will file for a delay in sentencing or some kind of other motion that would allow him to remain out of prison pending the outcome of his civil case.

What would be really ironic is if he does wind up going to prison, he might be able to get out of prison when the time comes for him to appear in court to argue his civil case.

Also, perhaps the Federal Department of Corrections will provide him a typewriter so that the rest of us will not go blind trying to decipher his scribbling.

Stay tuned


pleanotice1According to several sources, Deric Lostutter has entered into a plea agreement where he will plea guilty to two charges:

Count #1:


This is the more serious count out of the four. He is admitting to taking an active role into the hacking into the Big Red website, altering the contents and stealing private information. He has also admitted to spreading false information about the administrator of the website by implying that he was a pedophile.

This is a common problem on the internet. I have suffered from similar actions in the past as have others. False narratives appear on the internet almost daily where people are accused of things they did not do and things they did not say.

It is virtually impossible to defend these kinds of falsehoods since, in most cases the perpetrators are experts in producing convincing documentation and also take advantage of any unpopularity of their victims.

Deric’s case is rare in that he got caught. Law enforcement went after him which is also rare.

The second count, #4, that Deric confessed to is one he could have easily avoided. He is to plea guilty to lying to the FBI. All he had to do was invoke his right to remain silent and request the presence of a lawyer before answering any questions.


By trying to mitigate what he had been accused of doing by lying to the FBI, he only made matters worse for him. The degree of his alleged lying and the overwhelming evidence of his lying is what probably what caused Deric to decide to plea guilty to this charge as well.

When it was revealed that he was going to agree to a plea agreement, speculation began as to what the sentence would be when he appears in court next week.

My guess is that he will get two years in prison and then be on probation for at least 6 years. He may also face restrictions when it comes to access to the internet upon release.


Others have guessed less, as little as 18 months with no probation or restrictions to up to three years in prison with probation for as long as 10 years along with the restrictions to internet access.

No matter what the outcome, Deric will be a convicted felon. He will lose certain rights such as the right to vote. He may have problems finding work since he will now have to list himself as a convicted felon on any employment application.

His career in the technology field is also likely at an end.

By the end of this month the Deric Lostutter saga will be close to an end. He will soon become a forgotten footnote in the history of the Steubenville rape case.

Stay tuned




Twitter is abuzz with the news today that the donation site that was set up by the defendants of the civil lawsuit filed by Deric Lostutter has been suspended for what was, in short, inappropriate language.

gfsuspendedThe blog article at Alexandra Goddard’s blog is the only current source of information regarding the reasons for their need to seek donations that I am aware of. The link to their donation site no longer appears on the blog: ©2014

prinnieblogThe defendants cannot afford what has become an extremely expensive lawsuit and had to resort to begging for funds in order to cover these horrendous costs.



It is obvious that steps will be taken to correct whatever concerns the funding site raised and that the site will be restored in short order.

One question has to be raised here.Who got the account suspended?


The obvious answer would be that Deric is the one who got the account suspended. He seems to know how to do these things. His wife is busy with their newborn child and as Deric has stated, she is not that well versed in things on the internet to do this herself.

Those who might be motivated to donate to their cause may opt to send donations directly to their legal representative:


The problem, however, is that Deric is not supposed to be on the internet. He should not be able to access the donation account let alone be able to contact the administrators of the website in order to file a formal complaint.

I have been asking around to find out if one can complain to anonymously or if there has to be some kind of information that has to be provided as to their identity. At the time of this writing, I have been unable to get the answer to this question.

If it can be proven that Deric did indeed violate the court mandate by filing that complaint, it may make his situation with his criminal case that much worse.

Stay tuned



The one thing that is clear about Donald Trump is his complete lack of understanding when it comes to technology and robots.


He has made all kinds of grandiose promises when it comes to restoring jobs within the coal mining industry. He is, in fact, making promises to restore jobs that no longer exist.


The old fashioned miner with the hard hat, pick axe and shovel is being phased out for the modern version of the tin man.


It is expected that within a decade or two, no human will be going underground to mine coal and other products. That job will fall to remote controlled robots ranging anywhere from the size of a man to huge machines the size of a house.

The average miner earned around $25.00 per hour along with such benefits as health insurance and paid holidays and vacations.


Mining robots eliminate those costs. Robots are operated by remote control thus eliminating the need for humans being in the mines. Robots can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week without getting tired or constantly worrying about the ill effects of coal dust and mine collapses.

If a mine collapses and traps a robot mining machine, it can either be abandoned or even dig itself out. Other robots could also dig through and salvage it.

According to several trade magazines, one robotic mining machine could eliminate 10 human coal miners if not more. These robots would, instead, be operated by one person, in an air conditioned room, above ground. The mining machines would be automated and computer controlled as well making the need for fewer human operations necessary.

It is because of these factors and more that will make it extremely hard for Trump to make good on his promise to increase coal related jobs.

It is a harsh reality the coal miners will face sooner than later.

Stay tuned




Right now there a whole bunch of people marching in the streets of cities and towns all over the United States. These people are pissed off because somehow Donald Trump is now the President elect of the united states.


They are pissed for any number of reasons one of which is the fact that he got where was because of the help of a foreign power, Russia.


President elect Trump is not to happy with all of these people marching around and calling him all sorts of names and demanding he resign or be impeached.

He calls these protesters UnAmerican and accuses someone has hired these “professional protesters” to screw up his administration before it even starts.

Well, apparently Mr Trump did not take American History in high school for it seems he never heard about these guys dressed up as Indians (we call them Native Americans) went onto three ships and proceeded to throw hundreds of cases of perfectly good tea overboard.


This act of civil obedience took place before the United States even existed. At that time, that particular location was owned by England and the king who ruled at that time and who was a bit of an asshole to be perfectly blunt.


It was this stunt and a few others that followed that led to the Revolutionary war that resulted in everyone here telling the king of England to go you know where and what he can do with himself.


This is exactly what the protesters against Trump are saying to him. They do not accept him as their president and feel cheated.

While a few of these people are doing the wrong thing by destroying the property of people who had nothing to do with electing Trump, they are doing close to what the Sons of Liberty did during what is famously known as the Boston Tea Party.


His Highness Donald Trump might as well get used to the protesters and the critics of him for this is just the beginning of a long process.


He might also want to blow the dust off of his history book and study how protests helped change this country.

He is going to be hounded every minute of every day until the day he leaves office be it today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or four years from now.

His ass will eventually be kicked out the front door of the White House and for many, the sooner the better.

Stay tuned




One of the biggest myths that Trump sold in his campaign was that he was going to create thousands of new coal industry related jobs. He was going to “Make America great again.”

Not so fast.


What he and the coal miners do not understand is this is a dying industry. There are a number of factors. First, we are running out of coal. It is not as abundant as people think.


You also need to destroy large swaths of land to get to the ever depleting amount of coal.


Mining is also extremely unsafe. Mines collapse, coal dust is highly explosive and there is also the problem of black lung disease that is a side effect of decades of breathing coal dust.


Then there is the fact that there are far cheaper and more efficient ways to consume energy. One of the cheapest is natural gas. Also, a little known secret is that nuclear energy use will increase under a Trump administration.


There is going to be a lot of deregulation of a wide variety of industries and the nuclear industry is one of them. It will then be cheaper to build nuclear reactors and there is also technology being developed to use the spent fuel from the power plants where it is utilized.


Finally, the use of renewable energy is not going away. In fact, it is only going to increase as it is cheaper in the long run and getting cheaper everyday.


The simple fact of the matter is that the coal industry is going to die regardless of what the regulations are and who is in power.

The coal miners are going to find themselves jobless and without hope because they invested their lives into coal rather than learning a new, safer and more promising way to earn a living and support their families.

Stay tuned



One of the complaints in the civil lawsuit Deric filed is that he alleges that the defendants posted nude photos of him and his wife on the internet.

The problem is that it was Deric and his wife who posted those images on the internet in a public website. Nobody forced them to do that. They did so of their own free will.

His wife argues that her 9 year old son may well find those images as he is internet savvy.


One point to make is the fact that we now about to have a first lady that millions have seen completely naked. As of now I know of no plans for Donald Trump to file any kind of lawsuit to have the images removed from the internet.


The Trumps also have a 10 year old son who is probably savvy with the internet as are most children his age.


If anything, filing a lawsuit would only promote more people to find more images of a naked first lady and post them.

The lesson Deric should have learned is that there are consequences when uploading content to the internet.

No lawsuit is going to change that.

Stay tuned