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One of the last things I expected to happen on Thanksgiving Day was to be trolled. I should have known better since there are those who are all alone on this holiday and it is because of that,that they lash out at their targets on the internet in some attempt to make up for their shortcomings.

This troll has been around before and for the same reason. Before I continue, a bit of background.


Once upon a time, a few decades ago there was a woman, her then husband, two minor children and another female who were residing in a rather decrepit mobile home in a small park in Fruitland Park Florida.

For some reason, this woman and her husband allegedly decided to have sex on the kitchen table while the children watched. The husband even instructed one of the children to take photographs of the naked woman.


The pair were arrested, the husband was convicted. The wife confessed to 4 counts of lewd acts in the presence of children. In return for testifying against her then husband, she got probation and lucky for her, did not have to register as a sex offender since the law with that requirement had not been enacted.


Her confession and the incident was soon forgotten until many years later when someone decided to investigate the background of everyone who was a moderator or administrator of

websleuthsAn article soon appeared on a social media website exposing this then Moderator on as an unregistered sex offender and worse, she was a pedophile since her crime involved children.

A firestorm soon broke out when Her sister and the administrator of my multimedia website claimed that the children lied about the incident. The claim was that someone close to the children persuaded them to lie about the whole thing, in spite of a vast amount of evidence to the contrary, including photographs.

Fast forward to today and the troll who suddenly posted a direct message on my twitter account.


Since this was a story of interest to many on social media, I asked the party to send me a link to the donation site once it was set up.

It was at this point the conversation went south and I was confronted with the threat of a lawsuit.


There was a bit of an extended conversation until near the end when the troll decided to wrap things up and said the following:


This is a repeat pattern with this particular troll who has been posting to me on and off for the past 7 years. The troll has a problem. It claims that the children in the case lied.

The troll had better be able to prove that since the children in question are now adults. In past claims regarding the truth of the children, Terri and her sister published enough information making it easy to identify exactly who the children who are now adults,  are and where they currently reside.

The two individuals are said to be aware of the claims by the alleged pedophile and have been considering a legal remedy for quite some time.

If the troll persists with these antics, they may be motivated to finally settle this matter once and for all.

It looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a more interesting year than I had first thought.

Stay tuned