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Deric Lostutter is going to have a considerable amount of time to prepare for his judgement day which is scheduled to be on March 8th 2017. That is, if he does not violate the terms of his release and gets arrested earlier.

Many who have followed the Lostutter saga are aware that he has violated the terms of his release and according to one prominent blogger may have violated the release terms once again.

According to an article she wrote in her blog, Alexandra Goddard claimed to have found that Deric continues to violate his parole terms by accessing the internet.


To prove this, she posted a comment on his Facebook page. The comment immediately vanished. This would have proven that Deric or someone with access of the account deleted it.

At this point, one cannot be absolutely assured this is proof of his violating but it is something to consider since he has violated this part of the terms of his release.

There will be several opportunities for him to either prove he can obey the rules or for him to try and get away with violating them.

One thing is clear, people are going to be keeping a close eye on Deric, ready to pounce the second he does violate the rules and finds himself in jail far earlier than he may be scheduled to do so.

And so the wait begins.