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The Federal Court has published the plea agreement in the federal case against Deric Lostutter. I had not expected any surprises, but was soon proven wrong. Regardless of the final sentence, there are provisions of the plea agreement that are quite severe.

The first part is the maximum punishment for each of the offenses:


What came as a bit of a surprise is that Deric had to pay the court $200.00 today when he appeared to enter his plea.

This next section of the court filing is a bit confusing. It goes over how the punishment part of the plea agreement will be determined.

tableWhat came as a surprise is that he is likely to be given a sentence starting as little as 6 months or less and then can be increased by 0-6 months depending on aggravating circumstances and any violations that occur upon release from prison.


The document also indicates that he will receive a maximum of 3 years of supervised probation for each offense. Some might consider this a slap on the wrist considering his lack of adherence to the rules of the court in the past.

The next part of this document is interesting in that it spells out what Deric CANNOT do when it comes to his plea agreement:



#9 is important because Deric will no longer be able to use the federal courts to try and clear his name or reduce the punishment the judge levies against him. No appeals whatsoever.


This next one is a bit of a surprise. Deric is going to lose possession of anything he used to commit the crimes he plead guilty of. That includes any pc’s, video game consoles, cellphones, storage media and so forth. That means he has likely lost the possession of everything that was taken in that FBI raid several years ago.


Deric will probably be fined and the amount could be quite a lot. This next section gets into what he can look forward to when the time comes to pay his debt to society:



Deric is in a real bad spot regardless of the degree of punishment. His actions will be restricted and he will be under financial pressure to pay the fines levied by the government.

The chapter in this case will be to find out exactly what the punishment the judge hands down. This will give Deric something to worry about as he tries to make the best of the holiday season.

Stay Tuned