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tolaThis case has produced a lot of surprises and a short while ago I got yet another unexpected one. It seems that a letter was written to the judge presiding over the case and it was made a part of the court record of the case.

tol1The letter by Thomas Norman Olsen chronicles some of the events that took place curing what he calls “The Steubenville Debacle.”

Much of what is in his letter can be read in the website he and a British national set up in order to go into detail what his take was on the events having to do with The Big Red Rape case and Deric’s part in it.


In the letter, Mr Olsen chronicles in great detail how he became to be associated with Deric Lostutter and why he eventually parted company with him, mainly due to Deric’s subsequent actions after the case was resolved.

Mr. Olsen’s letter makes it clear that more went on than just a simple hacking of a website and the unauthorized use thereof.

tol2The letter accuses Deric Lostutter of using the case for his own personal gain, making pleas for donation after donation and making the lives miserable for those who dared to criticize him for doing so. It tells of how Deric has launched court case after court case to put a stop to this criticism and draining the financial resources of his victims in the process.

tol3The judge now has more evidence to consider when he decides on whatever punishment he doles out when Deric is ordered to appear in front of him for sentencing sometime in the near future.

Stay tuned