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Monthly Archives: December 2016


When I learned of several letters written to the judge presiding over Deric’s case, I am reminded of the same kind of letters that are written on the behalf of so called activists fighting to get their “hero” mercy from the courts.

The people who write to the courts usually cite the subjects risking all for the common good. In the case of Deric, those who wrote in cite his efforts in the Steubenville rape case. They claim that he risked his reputation and freedom to help get justice for the rape survivor.

lettertojudge2However, as Paul Harvey used to say “stay tuned for the rest of the story.” In the case of Deric Lostutter, the picture painted is not that of a loving father who only wanted justice, but instead, is the story of a vindictive young man who recklessly stalked a number of people simply because they had an opinion that different than his.

The story that has not been widely reported by the media is that Deric not only took part in gaining unauthorized access to an internet website, but also is alleged to seek retribution against several Steubenville residents who came to the defense of individuals accused of taking part in the gang rape.

Deric is alleged to have posted a $200.00 bounty for information leading to the identity of at least one woman who was anonymously posting her concerns about the actions of Deric and other members of the hacktivist organization Anonymous.

The prosecution in the Steubenville rape case cited their concerns regarding the actions of Deric and Anonymous on several occasions. It is claimed that because of the actions of Anonymous, many potential witnesses were scared into silence and that some of the guilty may have escaped justice as a result.


Another incident Deric is alleged to have posted a threatening Tweet directed at another woman who criticized his actions.


Shortly after the two indicted individuals were convicted of their part in the rape case, Deric began to seek donations to cover his legal expenses. He claimed that if convicted, he would get more jail time than the alleged rapists.

dericdonationsiteHe did not stop there, however. He began a separate donation drive seeking funds for his personal expenses including, of all things, funds to cover treatment of cat scabies.


His actions soon caused him to be criticized for his actions by his former on line friends and allies which included the woman who brought the rape case to his attention.

A blog was soon created citing why this group of former friends and allies had issues with Deric.

dleheaderThe picture they created was not that of a loving father who risked all for the sake of the common good, but rather, that of a grifter who took advantage of the rape case for fame and fortune.

Deric does not take criticism lightly and as a result of the actions of his former friends and allies, he sued them.

nov17aDeric has filed a number of civil lawsuits including a Federal civil lawsuit now working its way through federal court.

The defendants in Deric’s civil lawsuit have started seeking donations to defend themselves against Deric’s lawsuit.

fundingsecondIt is claimed that the defendants, mostly single women, have accumulated thousands in legal fees which are ongoing for which they cannot afford.

I have observed court cases over the years and quite frankly, I am surprised at how far the civil case has gone. Deric is acting as his own lawyer while the defendants in his civil case has retained a lawyer to defend them.

This puts Deric at an advantage as his expenses are nowhere near that of the defendants who have to pay an expensive lawyer a retainer as well as other expenses relating to the lawsuit.

In March of 2017, the judge will decide Deric’s fate. It is not known if any letter sent to the judge will have any effect on what his ultimate decision will be.

There is an effort currently under way for letters to be sent to the judge to counter what Deric’s supporters have said about him.

It is said that those letters will detail those things that Deric did that did a great deal of harm to the case and to innocent victims that Deric is alleged to have targeted.

It would seem that the final desperate effort by Deric to mitigate his punishment by the government will be met by stiff counter efforts by those who have strong objections to the actions he has taken both during and after the Steubenville rape case.

Stay tuned



There has been an ongoing discussion lately about the proposed movie “Anonymous vs Steubenville being made by the production company Brad Pitt owns.

Since the announcement of the movie in a number of trade publications in 2014, there have been no mentions or updates.

Since the subject of rape is of such importance as well as the details of how Anonymous got involved in the Steubenville rape case, it is surprising that the movie has yet to be made.

That is, until some important facts are looked at that might provide the answer.

uvarapestoryOn November, 19, 2014 Rolling Stone published about an alleged gang rape involving students at The University of West Virginia. The story created the same uproar that the Steubenville rape case did.

That is, until the story was exposed as a fake.


It turns out that Rolling Stone did not fact check the story and found themselves being sued.

They lost.

There is a theory that the folks at Brad Pitt’s production company soured on the idea of a rape based docudrama and decided to shelve the project until some time passed so that they could assess weather or not to go forward with the thing or simply forget about it.

There has been a recent claim where someone who is appearing as himself in the movie recently went to Los Angeles and took part in filming having to do with his part in the Steubenville case.

That claim, however, remains unconfirmed by anyone at the production company.

So, the wait continues to see if Anonymous vs Steubenville will be made or if it remains a subject of speculation until such time as people decide to move on to more current subjects to speculate about.

Stay tuned





A question today came up about when Noah McHugh aka JustBatCat is going to be sentenced. A September article in the local Steubenville, Ohio newspaper indicated that Noah was to be sentenced sometime this month.

After checking around, I found out that Noah has not been sentenced as of yet. The theory seems to be that that he and Deric may be sentenced at the same time. The date scheduled is March, 8th 2017.

The delay in sentencing of Noah McHugh may well have been due to the reason for his plea deal with the Government.

It was reported that the Government offered the plea deal to Noah in return for his cooperation in the trial against Deric Lostutter. He was to be a material witness and the weight of his testimony was to determine the punishment the court set down at his sentencing hearing.


Deric, by agreeing to a guilty plea himself, made any offer of cooperation by Noah McHugh moot. This may or may not now result in a harsher sentencing for him than would otherwise have been the case if the trial moved forward.

Now, Noah McHugh and Deric face the same uncertainty when it comes to the punishment each will receive.

2017 may be a year that neither of them are looking forward to.

Stay tuned



While this subject is primarily about JustBatCat, it is part of the Deric Lostutter saga, hence the title. What sparked this writing is a series of posts I saw on Twitter this evening.

A bit of a recap. Several years back, Deric under the Anonymous username was alleged to have revealed the name of the teen aged Jane Doe who had been the survivor of the Big Red Rape that garnered the attention of the world.


Ron Bryant, a journalist who writes for , was alleged to have reported Deric for exposing the real life name of Jane Doe.


According to screenshots Mr. Bryant posted this evening, JustBatCat retaliated by threatening that he would “take over” Mr. Bryant’s account.




In the end, JustBatCat would plea guilty for his part in the unauthorized access of the Big Red football team website and forwarding the information to Deric who also plead guilty for his part in the unauthorized access of the account.

Today, the results of their actions are resulting in the ongoing fallout of criticism against them. Rather than staying the course to help Jane Doe get justice for what happened to her, Deric and Noah went down a destructive path, almost ruining her chances for the justice her and her supporters sought.

While it is true that two of the primary defendants did receive some justice, it is alleged that many others responsible escaped justice due to potential witnesses being scared off by the actions of Deric and Noah.


Sometime in 2017 Noah and Deric will be informed of the punishment for their actions. They will both likely  continue to be punished by their former supporters who have rebuked them for their alleged negative actions.

Stay tuned



Over the past several years, there has been a battle royal among various groups on social media. There have been various reasons behind each of these battles. Most involved events that transpired anywhere from 7 to 10 years ago.

Two or three years ago, most of these battles had subsided until one individual decided to intervene and stir things up once again. She did so by fraudulent and deceptive means.

Her motives were not exactly clear. The best guess is that she craved attention to both herself and to her blog. For a long time, nobody knew that it was one person behind all the battles. Nobody knew that it was one person playing all sides against each other.

The mistake that finally tripped her up was her creation of countless sock accounts, fake personalities who were meant to attack everyone, both her alleged friends and her alleged enemies.

She eventually got caught and outed.

She denied it all, of course and continues to deny it to this day.

Funny thing , though. There have been no more socks and the battles for the most part have stopped.

There were ultimate goals that were not met. Some allies got mad at the resolutions that did occur. The allies wanted more. They wanted retribution.

Sometimes, however, retribution is not the answer. Sometimes the cessation of hostilities is the answer.

Winning a battle is sometimes achieved by simply walking away from it.

That is what everyone did. They walked away from the battle. They quit, they gave up.

Since that time there has been a relative understanding and a healing. The stress of the past years have vanished.

The only consequence for the person who pitted the various factions against each other is to be relegated into obscurity, to be shunned and forgotten.

For years, people wanted to know her true identity. They wanted to know exactly who it was that caused so much pain and misery.

When her true identity was exposed and shared, nobody cared. She was nobody special. She was nothing like who she claimed to be. She was as ordinary as the rest of us.

As this year comes to an end, we all have learned an important lesson, not everyone is who they say they are and some things are not what they appear to be.

Stay tuned




Deric has been quite busy during the past few days. He is sending out summonses and commands all over the place. His goal is to obtain information as to who owns  and the Deric lostutter Exposed blog that is installed on it.

Included in the summonses sent out is:


Namecheap Inc.



Twitter Inc.



ATT Internet services Southeast.


This second Summons to ATT for information on a second IP address.


The companies may or may not release the information Deric is seeking depending on their policies and legal stance when it comes to releasing such information.

It is clear that Deric does not intend to remain silent while he awaits his sentencing in March of next year, as a result of his guilty plea to two of the federal charges against him.

Stay Tuned




Not everyone hates Deric. There is at least one woman,by the first name of Miranda who seems to believes his actions concerning the Big Red rape case was justified.  She recently made her point of view clear by sending a letter to the judge who will sentence Deric in March of 2017.


Apparently Miranda does not know or does not care about the well documented actions by Deric that has been detailed on the internet and in Don Carpenter’s letter to the federal judge presiding over his case.    Be that as it may, let us continue:


The problem, Miranda, is this is more than just the story of Deric’s alleged coming to the aid of Jane Doe. Deric committed a crime and a serious one at that. He is alleged to have used the illegal access to the website to STEAL private information from an email account of an INNOCENT VICTIM that had nothing to do with the case or any alleged cover up.

It is alleged (and Deric plead guilty to) that Deric knowingly falsely accused at least one individual of being a pedophile. The website’s content was altered in such a way that the reputation of the school was damaged.

For some reason Miranda chooses to ignore these points.


Miranda tried to put the Judge’s daughter (if he has one) in the place of Jane Doe by asking the judge “what if it was HIS daughter?”

By doing so, Miranda demonstrates her lack of knowledge of how the legal system works. He cannot use his daughter as a hypothetical when making his decision.

The judge has taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and to uphold the law.

Deric is plead guilty to two very serious charges levied against him. It is the duty of the judge to mete out the appropriate punishment Deric deserves.

Stay tuned



Deric Losttuter has garnered a lot of attention over the years. Not much of it is favorable. One person who has had Deric on his radar is Don Carpenter.

Don is a well known Journalist who has an extensive contact network with the hacktivist group Anonymous. Don also covered the Big Red rape case and has also covered the actions of Deric Lostutter since that time.







Don at this point begins to build his case against Deric, reminding the judge of Deric’s alleged actions, some of which was covered under the guilty plea he submitted to the federal court. Don then continues with his case against Deric:


There was a post that was widely circulated on the internet that was alleged to have been written by Deric. Don did not include that post in his letter. It is quite telling of Deric’s character or lack thereof if it was actually written and posted by Deric:

Don did continue to list his charges against Deric:





After posting his most serious charges against Deric, Don goes on to suggest what he would consider a just punishment to be levied against Deric for his actions.



What is surprising about Don’s letter is that he is said to have issues with the CFAA to which  Deric has plead guilty. It is clear that Don and many others are quite upset with Deric and that upset is enough for them to go against their beliefs when it comes to the CFAA and how the federal government chooses to apply it.

In March of next year, we may see how much of an influence Don’s letter has, along with other letters that either have or will be submitted to the court, may have on the judge’s decision.

Stay tuned







My prior blog article was Deric Lostutter’s response to a letter sent to him by the lawyer for the defendants in his civil lawsuit. At that time I was not in possession of the letter. I have now obtained a copy of the letter.


It is plain to see that the defendant’s lawyer does not think much of Deric’s “requests.” Mr Gibson makes it clear that if Deric keeps up with his actions towards his clients, it will be he that gets billed for attorney’s fees.

Since Deric chose to reply to Mr. Daniel’s response rather than heed his warning, he might choose to bill Deric for his having to read his handwritten letter.

I am going to be curious to see how this will play out.

Stay tuned



The infamous LOLyer Deric Lostutter has been busy lately. Along with a slew of summonses (more on that in my next article) he decided to write to the defendants lawyer, first “congratulating him” and then scolding him and his clients for not doing his bidding.


To further understand what it is that Deric is talking about, I suggest you read the reference below.


Deric claims that the Federal court hearing his case has jurisdiction over it and the defendant’s have been arguing just the opposite. The court has yet to rule on the defendant’s request to the court for dismissal of the case.


The above statement is interesting for one glaring reason. Deric leaves out in his letter that one of his witnesses is a man by the name of David Spiggle. It is alleged that Mr Spiggle has a long standing dispute with one of the female defendants named in Deric’s lawsuit.

As of this writing, there are a number of legal actions being processed in regards to that dispute which I may include in the writings on this blog at a later date.

 Another problem for Deric is that Mr Spiggle has some alleged “dirty laundry” so to speak, that may come out in the discovery process. The inclusion of this witness in his lawsuit may do more harm than good to his case.


In the above excerpt, Deric is accusing one or more of the defendants of witness intimidation and tampering. Based on what I have been able to find out, his argument may be baseless since most of the actions alleged come in the form of opinions. In the the case of Mr Spiggle, at the time of contact by the defendant, it was not known that Mr Spiggle had contacted Deric’s wife to volunteer as a witness.

In order for the defendant to have intimidated or tampered with the witness, he would have had to have knowledge of Mr Spiggle either being a witness or intending to be a witness in the Lostutter lawsuit.


In this excerpt, Deric states the obvious. The defendant’s atty has chosen not to respond to Deric’s request for a conference. Deric is going to have to go to the court to request that the atty be compelled to have the conference and have the court rule on his request.


I would be curious to see the contents of the letter that was sent to Deric. As of this writing, the letter remains unavailable. If I am able to obtain it along with the permission to publish, I will do so.

There is more to come so be sure to:

Stay tuned