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While this subject is primarily about JustBatCat, it is part of the Deric Lostutter saga, hence the title. What sparked this writing is a series of posts I saw on Twitter this evening.

A bit of a recap. Several years back, Deric under the Anonymous username was alleged to have revealed the name of the teen aged Jane Doe who had been the survivor of the Big Red Rape that garnered the attention of the world.


Ron Bryant, a journalist who writes for , was alleged to have reported Deric for exposing the real life name of Jane Doe.


According to screenshots Mr. Bryant posted this evening, JustBatCat retaliated by threatening that he would “take over” Mr. Bryant’s account.




In the end, JustBatCat would plea guilty for his part in the unauthorized access of the Big Red football team website and forwarding the information to Deric who also plead guilty for his part in the unauthorized access of the account.

Today, the results of their actions are resulting in the ongoing fallout of criticism against them. Rather than staying the course to help Jane Doe get justice for what happened to her, Deric and Noah went down a destructive path, almost ruining her chances for the justice her and her supporters sought.

While it is true that two of the primary defendants did receive some justice, it is alleged that many others responsible escaped justice due to potential witnesses being scared off by the actions of Deric and Noah.


Sometime in 2017 Noah and Deric will be informed of the punishment for their actions. They will both likely  continue to be punished by their former supporters who have rebuked them for their alleged negative actions.

Stay tuned