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dleDeric Lostutter has been angry for quite a long time. The basis for Deric Lostutter’s anger can be directed at one source, the website:

This website was started just short of a year ago by several critical of Mr. Lostutter’s actions since 2013. The primary problem with the group of critics is Mr. Lostutter’s continued seeking of donations for any number of reasons. The first article in the blog makes their criticism quite clear:

Deric Lostutter 16 comments

Deric Lostutter is a professional grifter.  We have compiled a timeline of his begging going back to 2013.  Deric has requested donations for cat scabies, DJ equipment, dog food, vet bills, court fines, a meditation room in his home, and currently is seeking $20,000 in donations for civil suits he wants to file on Twitter users for hurting his feelings.”

Since that first article there have been a barrage of criticism of Mr. Lostutter ranging from his donation efforts to the latest article claiming that Mr. Lostutter has been accused of at least 5 incidents of rape:

“We received information on somebody from Deric Lostutter’s highschool days being raped by Deric Lostutter. This would be the 5th rape accusation we have received against Deric Lostutter so far. Fyi, just because somebody hasn’t been charged with rape doesn’t mean they are not a rapist. Cases around the country prove this. The hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country prove this.”

What is astonishing about the above article is the fact that Mr. Lostutter became involved in the Big Red Rape case because of his stated position of being against rape. He even went as far as to label anyone who cited points of view differing from his as “rape apologists.”

In addition to the rape article, there has been a claim that Mr. Lostutter defaulted on an agreement with the former owner of a business he purchased:

The article reads in part:

“For a couple of months now we’ve been in contact with the owner of Deric Lostutter’s old storefront. You know, the one that rented it to Deric Lostutter. Well, there was a stipulation written into this deal that Deric Lostutter broke.

Deric Lostutter would have the storefront rent free until January 2016. He posted a video to Facebook on 11 December 2015 stating that “trolls shut down his business.” The truth of the matter is that Deric Lostutter left the storefront so he wouldn’t have to start paying rent.”

The gist of the article is that they are accusing Mr. Lostutter of breech of contract. According to sources associated with the website, the former owner of the business is taking legal action against Mr. Lostutter.

Another recent article takes issue with the way Mr. Lostutter is using the court system to fight his critics.

“Deric Lostutter’s $1 million lawsuit spits in the face of the Constitution. Let me tell you why…

He demands information pertaining to this website in recent discovery documentation. This includes email addresses, usernames and passwords, names of administrators, ip logs of those that visited the admin section, ip addresses of website cpanel access, ip logs of all comments, email addresses of all comments, ip logs of all visitors, etc… Basically any and all information on everyone that posts on or visits this website. This is so he can not only sue the 3 listed below, but everyone else. In the process intimidating and harassing anyone and everyone that speaks ill about him. That is stomping in the face of 1st Amendment protected free speech.”

It must be noted at this point the amount in damages that Mr. Lostutter is seeking in his lawsuit. It has jumped to One million dollars from the original amount of One hundred eighty thousand dollars.

The reason is that the lawsuit cited in the article above is a second one that Mr. Lostutter filed after he withdrew the original one.

Mr. Lostutter has chosen to file his latest action in federal court. His original action was filed in state court.

There has been a motion filed by the defendants in the lawsuit to have it dismissed. As of yet, I have not heard of a decision on that motion.

In the meantime, the dispute between Mr. Lostutter and his critics continue with apparently no end in sight.

Stay tuned