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There has been an ongoing discussion lately about the proposed movie “Anonymous vs Steubenville being made by the production company Brad Pitt owns.

Since the announcement of the movie in a number of trade publications in 2014, there have been no mentions or updates.

Since the subject of rape is of such importance as well as the details of how Anonymous got involved in the Steubenville rape case, it is surprising that the movie has yet to be made.

That is, until some important facts are looked at that might provide the answer.

uvarapestoryOn November, 19, 2014 Rolling Stone published about an alleged gang rape involving students at The University of West Virginia. The story created the same uproar that the Steubenville rape case did.

That is, until the story was exposed as a fake.


It turns out that Rolling Stone did not fact check the story and found themselves being sued.

They lost.

There is a theory that the folks at Brad Pitt’s production company soured on the idea of a rape based docudrama and decided to shelve the project until some time passed so that they could assess weather or not to go forward with the thing or simply forget about it.

There has been a recent claim where someone who is appearing as himself in the movie recently went to Los Angeles and took part in filming having to do with his part in the Steubenville case.

That claim, however, remains unconfirmed by anyone at the production company.

So, the wait continues to see if Anonymous vs Steubenville will be made or if it remains a subject of speculation until such time as people decide to move on to more current subjects to speculate about.

Stay tuned