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A question today came up about when Noah McHugh aka JustBatCat is going to be sentenced. A September article in the local Steubenville, Ohio newspaper indicated that Noah was to be sentenced sometime this month.

After checking around, I found out that Noah has not been sentenced as of yet. The theory seems to be that that he and Deric may be sentenced at the same time. The date scheduled is March, 8th 2017.

The delay in sentencing of Noah McHugh may well have been due to the reason for his plea deal with the Government.

It was reported that the Government offered the plea deal to Noah in return for his cooperation in the trial against Deric Lostutter. He was to be a material witness and the weight of his testimony was to determine the punishment the court set down at his sentencing hearing.


Deric, by agreeing to a guilty plea himself, made any offer of cooperation by Noah McHugh moot. This may or may not now result in a harsher sentencing for him than would otherwise have been the case if the trial moved forward.

Now, Noah McHugh and Deric face the same uncertainty when it comes to the punishment each will receive.

2017 may be a year that neither of them are looking forward to.

Stay tuned