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Not everyone hates Deric. There is at least one woman,by the first name of Miranda who seems to believes his actions concerning the Big Red rape case was justified.  She recently made her point of view clear by sending a letter to the judge who will sentence Deric in March of 2017.


Apparently Miranda does not know or does not care about the well documented actions by Deric that has been detailed on the internet and in Don Carpenter’s letter to the federal judge presiding over his case.    Be that as it may, let us continue:


The problem, Miranda, is this is more than just the story of Deric’s alleged coming to the aid of Jane Doe. Deric committed a crime and a serious one at that. He is alleged to have used the illegal access to the website to STEAL private information from an email account of an INNOCENT VICTIM that had nothing to do with the case or any alleged cover up.

It is alleged (and Deric plead guilty to) that Deric knowingly falsely accused at least one individual of being a pedophile. The website’s content was altered in such a way that the reputation of the school was damaged.

For some reason Miranda chooses to ignore these points.


Miranda tried to put the Judge’s daughter (if he has one) in the place of Jane Doe by asking the judge “what if it was HIS daughter?”

By doing so, Miranda demonstrates her lack of knowledge of how the legal system works. He cannot use his daughter as a hypothetical when making his decision.

The judge has taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and to uphold the law.

Deric is plead guilty to two very serious charges levied against him. It is the duty of the judge to mete out the appropriate punishment Deric deserves.

Stay tuned