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When I learned of several letters written to the judge presiding over Deric’s case, I am reminded of the same kind of letters that are written on the behalf of so called activists fighting to get their “hero” mercy from the courts.

The people who write to the courts usually cite the subjects risking all for the common good. In the case of Deric, those who wrote in cite his efforts in the Steubenville rape case. They claim that he risked his reputation and freedom to help get justice for the rape survivor.

lettertojudge2However, as Paul Harvey used to say “stay tuned for the rest of the story.” In the case of Deric Lostutter, the picture painted is not that of a loving father who only wanted justice, but instead, is the story of a vindictive young man who recklessly stalked a number of people simply because they had an opinion that different than his.

The story that has not been widely reported by the media is that Deric not only took part in gaining unauthorized access to an internet website, but also is alleged to seek retribution against several Steubenville residents who came to the defense of individuals accused of taking part in the gang rape.

Deric is alleged to have posted a $200.00 bounty for information leading to the identity of at least one woman who was anonymously posting her concerns about the actions of Deric and other members of the hacktivist organization Anonymous.

The prosecution in the Steubenville rape case cited their concerns regarding the actions of Deric and Anonymous on several occasions. It is claimed that because of the actions of Anonymous, many potential witnesses were scared into silence and that some of the guilty may have escaped justice as a result.


Another incident Deric is alleged to have posted a threatening Tweet directed at another woman who criticized his actions.


Shortly after the two indicted individuals were convicted of their part in the rape case, Deric began to seek donations to cover his legal expenses. He claimed that if convicted, he would get more jail time than the alleged rapists.

dericdonationsiteHe did not stop there, however. He began a separate donation drive seeking funds for his personal expenses including, of all things, funds to cover treatment of cat scabies.


His actions soon caused him to be criticized for his actions by his former on line friends and allies which included the woman who brought the rape case to his attention.

A blog was soon created citing why this group of former friends and allies had issues with Deric.

dleheaderThe picture they created was not that of a loving father who risked all for the sake of the common good, but rather, that of a grifter who took advantage of the rape case for fame and fortune.

Deric does not take criticism lightly and as a result of the actions of his former friends and allies, he sued them.

nov17aDeric has filed a number of civil lawsuits including a Federal civil lawsuit now working its way through federal court.

The defendants in Deric’s civil lawsuit have started seeking donations to defend themselves against Deric’s lawsuit.

fundingsecondIt is claimed that the defendants, mostly single women, have accumulated thousands in legal fees which are ongoing for which they cannot afford.

I have observed court cases over the years and quite frankly, I am surprised at how far the civil case has gone. Deric is acting as his own lawyer while the defendants in his civil case has retained a lawyer to defend them.

This puts Deric at an advantage as his expenses are nowhere near that of the defendants who have to pay an expensive lawyer a retainer as well as other expenses relating to the lawsuit.

In March of 2017, the judge will decide Deric’s fate. It is not known if any letter sent to the judge will have any effect on what his ultimate decision will be.

There is an effort currently under way for letters to be sent to the judge to counter what Deric’s supporters have said about him.

It is said that those letters will detail those things that Deric did that did a great deal of harm to the case and to innocent victims that Deric is alleged to have targeted.

It would seem that the final desperate effort by Deric to mitigate his punishment by the government will be met by stiff counter efforts by those who have strong objections to the actions he has taken both during and after the Steubenville rape case.

Stay tuned