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Deric Losttuter has garnered a lot of attention over the years. Not much of it is favorable. One person who has had Deric on his radar is Don Carpenter.

Don is a well known Journalist who has an extensive contact network with the hacktivist group Anonymous. Don also covered the Big Red rape case and has also covered the actions of Deric Lostutter since that time.







Don at this point begins to build his case against Deric, reminding the judge of Deric’s alleged actions, some of which was covered under the guilty plea he submitted to the federal court. Don then continues with his case against Deric:


There was a post that was widely circulated on the internet that was alleged to have been written by Deric. Don did not include that post in his letter. It is quite telling of Deric’s character or lack thereof if it was actually written and posted by Deric:

Don did continue to list his charges against Deric:





After posting his most serious charges against Deric, Don goes on to suggest what he would consider a just punishment to be levied against Deric for his actions.



What is surprising about Don’s letter is that he is said to have issues with the CFAA to which¬† Deric has plead guilty. It is clear that Don and many others are quite upset with Deric and that upset is enough for them to go against their beliefs when it comes to the CFAA and how the federal government chooses to apply it.

In March of next year, we may see how much of an influence Don’s letter has, along with other letters that either have or will be submitted to the court, may have on the judge’s decision.

Stay tuned