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Monthly Archives: January 2017

tbl1As noted in my prior blog article, a new letter has surfaced in the public records that is in support of Deric lostutter. This letter seems to have caused the court to rule that both sides of the case now have to detail how these people are related to Deric and to try and explain the motivation of all parties that have written letters to the court.


Once again the defense of Deric is that he is a married father of a child or children (I was under the impression he had only one biological child and that his wife’s child was not in her custody at this time) and that this should weigh in his favor.

Once again those supporting Deric do not understand the serious of what he has done. He is alleged, along with his co defendant of violating the privacy of someone who had nothing to do with the case.

The victim was neither a defendant or a participant in the crime that got Deric’s attention. He was the administrator of a sports fan website.

Deric and his co defendant plead guilty to altering the content of the website, making threats, stealing personal information and files from the website and making false accusations against the victims.

Their actions did absolutely nothing for the rape victims or those who were eventually convicted of the crime.

Deric got into the situation he is now in because of his own doing. Nobody forced him to take part in these actions. Instead he is accused of masterminding the actions for which he has plead guilty of partaking.

In just over a month from now, we will find out if the judge agrees with this assessment or not.

Stay tuned


jbl1There has been yet another letter of support for Deric sent to the court. This in itself is not unusual except for the fact that the judge has issued an order that his atty will now have to inform the court how he is related to those sending these letters. 

The same also appears to be true on the prosecution side. I along with a number of other people have sent letters to the court expressing our views that Deric needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

jbl2jbl3It is my opinion that the judge sensed that there might be bias on the part of those writing in favor of either probation or a light sentence or that they may have been lobbied to write by either Deric, his wife or relatives.

He might also have sensed that there were ulterior motives on the part of us who wrote in against Deric and wanted clarification as to who we are and why we had an interest in Deric’s fate.

If the defense or the prosecution intends to use these letters in court, they will now have to detail who these people are.

If the letter from Susan Earman is used, for instance, will the defense have to disclose any financial aid she may have given Deric along with her support?

I have a feeling that this is going to be a longer hearing than I expected and will plan my coverage accordingly.

Stay tuned



While attending a legal conference in Orlando, Florida atty Kim Picazio volunteered to come to the aid of refugees caught up in the Trump ban who would likely be detained at the Orlando International Airport.


Lawyers often are the targets of criticism. I have been one to take part in such criticism. It is, however, actions such as this that brings out the best in lawyers and shows that in times of great need, it is the lawyers that will step up to the plate to do their part.


Now more than ever it is going to be the ACLU and lawyers like Kim Picazio that will be needed to fight what is shaping to be an intense war against an oppressive Trump regime.

She and her fellow lawyers need to be applauded for their public service.

Stay tuned



There is a woman from Virginia who has come to the defense of Deric Lostutter in the past. She even sent a letter to the court on his behalf. In a series of confusing Twitter profile posts (yes she actually does this) she seems to advocate that Deric’s most staunch critics be dropped from a civil lawsuit he has against her and two other “defendants” that have been exposing what they consider unethical conduct by him.

Ms. Susan Earman who goes by the handle of @Astro__x on twitter

better known as a strong supporter of Tim Holmseth and a harsh critic of anyone she perceives is against him.

Ms. Earmen first came on the scene during the case of Haleigh Cummings, a high profile missing child case in Northeast Florida. The child remains missing and the true cause of her disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

During her involvement in that case Ms. Earman became acquainted with and a supporter of Tim Holmseth who was a blogger who wrote about the case.

Mr. Holmseth became embroiled in a legal action by noted Florida atty Kim Picazio. Ms. Picazio sought and was granted a restraining order against Mr Holmseth and has kept tabs on him ever since.

This angered Ms. Earman intensely. As a result she has become obsessed with “Getting even” with Ms Picazio, Levi Page and anyone else she considers a foe of Tim Holmseth, including me.


Ms Earman soon allied herself with Deric Lostutter primarily because of the civil lawsuit he filed against Michelle McKee, James Olsen and Alexandra Goddard.


Ms Earman had also tried to align herself with another person who Ms Picazio had exposed as being behind dozens upon dozens of twitter sock accounts who used them to pit a number of individuals against each other.

Ironically one of those sock accounts was an impersonation of her husband (or ex-husband) that caused her to become extremely upset.

Ms Earman was eventually rebuffed by the individual in spite of their mutual disagreements with Ms Picazio.

Which now brings us as to how Ms Earman has come to the defense of Michelle McKee. Ms McKee has in the past been a harsh critic of Ms. Earman and remains so to this day.

There is currently a disagreement between the defendants in the civil lawsuit and it appears that Ms Earman has involved herself by coming to the defense of Ms McKee against whatever wrong she feels has been done to her.

Ms Earman has now declared that Ms McKee was not involved in some of the more severe actions against Mr Lostutter which consisted mostly of criticizing his actions and accusing him of involving his grand daughter.

The confusing part is that now Ms Earman is coming against the strongest critic and enemy of Deric Lostutter. Does this mean that she has withdrawn her support of Deric or more likely, come to the defense of someone simply because of the dispute she has against others, one of which is Kim Picazio.

Based on her past actions, I would have to conclude that Ms Earman is doing this simply because she feels it is a way to get back at Kim Picazio and those she is allied with.

If this is the case, she is sacrificing moral principles in order to seek revenge.

Such a stand is doomed to failure.

Stay tuned



Image used under fair use clause

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to borrow money from a friend. This was a mistake that Deric Lostutter learned the hard way.


Deric once had a motorcycle. One day, Deric lost the key to the motorcycle and turned to a friend for a loan to help pay for a new one to be paid.


His new found friend Alexandra Goddard, came to his rescue and loaned him the money for the key. Then something happened that usually does in cases like these.

Deric did not repay the loan. Deric made excuses, the debate went on and soon found itself included in the story of Deric on line.

Deric made the argument that the loan was, in fact, a fee for services rendered. Alexandra denied this and stated it was clearly a loan and she wanted to be paid back.

To date, the dispute remains unsettled. Deric has sued Alexandra Goddard along with others who had once considered him a friend and ally.

This is yet another lesson that had to be learned about Deric. Don’t loan him money and expect to get paid back.

Stay tuned




When the Steubenville rape case came to the attention of Deric Lostutter, he embraced the Anonymous movement as his ally in the fight against the alleged rapists and those he claimed were protecting them.


He became Kyanonymous, created Knightsec and started down a path which would soon lead to his own destruction.


His efforts were successful at least for a while. Kyanonymous and Knightsec became well known both inside of Anonymous and with the general public. He was soon praised for his efforts and many joined his efforts.

But then, Deric got greedy.


Deric began exploiting the fame that he garnered from the rape case and soon began appearing on mainstream media.

Derc soon began seeking donations, first for his legal defenses and then for his living expenses.


Deric began to post photos of what he spent his money on. Some of the photos were of Deric and his wife living a lavish lifestyle, staying in luxury hotels, buying expensive electronics, eating expensive meals and taking vacations. derichiltondericmealdlvacat

Then something rare happened, he was outed, he was no longer Anonymous. He became well known, too well known, in fact. This eventually led to his being indicted for violations of the CFAA and lying to the FBI.

To have a member of Anonymous indicted on these charges is rare. The vast majority of Anonymous members avoid getting caught. They are able to avoid detection by law enforcement and other government officials simply by keeping their mouths shut. They shun the attention of media. They rarely do interviews. Instead, they issue press releases. They make videos that are posted on Youtube and elsewhere. They issue warnings where they deem them appropriate.

Through it all, they keep the mask on and remain the one of the many. This is how they succeed.

DaH0bb1t on Twitter Samurai_Lucy anonymous died when famefags with no skill like kyanonymous ruined it. for the ideal of anonymous to truely work all the hacks must be anonThere are many who support Anonymous and those within the movement that accuse Deric of damaging the movement. They accuse Deric of taking Anonymous off message and away from their stated mantra of remaining Anonymous and shunning fame and fortune for the common good.

For Deric, the is the ultimate irony.

Stay tuned



For the past several years there has been a mysterious troll that has been playing people against each other for her own personal demented reasons.


She had what she described as a ” Satire, Spoof etc” blog where she claimed to make lighthearted fun of her targets. The problem is the tone of her blog and accompanying twitter account soon turned into bullying and stalking.


She began posting the personal information about single and divorced women and even married women. She would put up photos of people’s houses and dispense completely false and misleading personal information as well.

She started attacking minor children of her targets and even went as far as to attack the deceased children of her targets.

She twice implied that my son was not mine yet offered nothing to back up her claims. Once confronted with her attacks of that nature, she removed the posts.

It was recently proven that this person had been behind dozens upon dozens of twitter sock accounts that impersonated her targets as well as being behind sock accounts meant to anger a number of individuals both whom thought were her friends to those who were her adversaries.

One of her closest friends ( or so the person thought) a well known attorney finally got suspicious and started to investigate the troll accounts along with someone with IT knowledge and they soon were able to prove that she was behind virtually all of the sock accounts that had been creating havoc in a certain sector of the social media community.


It was proven in great detail exactly who this person was, a bitter, divorced, spinster who spends hours upon hours posting news stories she links to her blog.

She rarely, if ever, writes anything original.

It is interesting to note that after she was exposed, the sock accounts, for the most part, completely vanished. The games stopped and the infighting that had gone on for years came to a screeching halt.


Everyone had moved on and all was well and calm. That is until recently. It seems this poor attention lost soul is once again crying out for attention.

She is begging for attention be that positive or negative. She absolutely cannot stand to be ignored.

She has been ignored for months and will be continue to be ignored from this day forward. I made the exception this time around in case the lonely attention starved woman chooses to point those who read her blog in this direction.

She apparently does not like the political comments I have been making recently and considering who she supports, I find that not to be surprising. The person she supports is a crook and a liar. Like they say, likes attract.


She has completely lied about who she is and what she did professionally. She cannot tell the truth. She never will tell the truth.

I now close this article stating that no matter what the poor foolish lonely lady posts or does, we are all on to her and she will continue to be ignored.


Her dark and lost soul is now cast down the well of obscurity and irrelevancy.

Stay tuned


ltr1Two more letters hit the public records that are in support of Deric Lostutter. Both contain a common thread. They state that Deric is a husband and father and that his family needs him.


The one thing I noticed immediately is that this letter is similar to at least one sent last year where the wording of his involvement in Steubenville was almost the same.


There is also something interesting about these two letters:


BOTH letters were dated January 18, 2017 which raises the question as to how they became to be written. There have been calls by certain interested parties to find out exactly what the connection is between these two writers and Deric.



To be certain it is not unusual for friends and family to write in on behalf of a friend and loved one who would be facing the same fate that Deric is. The problem in this case is that these two letters raise a great deal of suspicion. The wording is almost identical and the connection to Deric is questionable at best. Then there is the fact that both letters were both written on the same day.

This is compelling evidence that the writing of these letters may have been staged.

Stay tuned


Donald J. Trump on Twitter Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning who should never have been released from prison is now calling President Obama a weak leader. TerribleAccording to news reports this morning Chelsa Manning has found herself in the middle of a twitter war between her and Donald Trump.

It is reported that Chelsa Manning wrote an op ed in The Guardian where she criticized President Obama for being too week and not being progressive enough.


“The one simple lesson to draw from President Obama’s legacy: do not start off with a compromise. They won’t meet you in the middle. Instead, what we need is an unapologetic progressive leader.”

Also in her op ed, Ms Manning said:

We need someone who is unafraid to be criticized, since you will inevitably be criticized. We need someone willing to face all of the vitriol, hatred and dogged determination of those opposed to us.”

It is not clear yet how this story will effect Ms Manning who is slated to be released this coming May. One question that has not been raised as far as I know is if the Obama commutation of her sentence can be reversed by Mr Trump.

Stay tuned



I will be attending the sentencing hearing in the case of The United States v Deric Lostutter at the Federal courthouse in Lexington, Ky on March, 8th 2017.


My plans call for a marathon live stream to commence when I depart for Orlando International Airport on March, 7th and will run through my stay in Lexington and return to Orlando on March 9, 2017.

There will be breaks in the coverage, of course, due to technical restrictions, restrictions on using cellphones on aircraft and the restrictions imposed by the federal court system regarding recording devices in the courtroom.

When unable to live stream, I will send twitter posts, as well as Facebook posts where appropriate. Again, there will be no posting or streaming when I am in the courthouse.

For those interested, this is my flight information:



Depart ORLANDO, FL (MCO) on Southwest Airlines at 08:10 AM




Change planes to Southwest Airlines in BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON, MD (BWI) at 11:15 AM


Arrive in LOUISVILLE, KY (SDF) at 1:00 PM

And my scheduled return to Orlando is as follows:


Depart LOUISVILLE, KY (SDF) on Southwest Airlines at 06:25 AM

Arrive in ORLANDO, FL (MCO) at 08:25 AM

Travel Time 2 hrs 0 mins.

I will be driving to and from Lexington which is a bit over an hour from Louisville. I have not made motel reservations at this time.

I will post the final schedule for streaming sometime around the first of march.

I will be posting blog articles,  uploading videos and doing live webcasts about the court cases (Deric has two cases, 1 criminal and 1 civil) between now and when I leave for the hearing.

Any suggestions from those interested would be appreciated. I am also open to interviewing parties to the cases if they are so inclined.

Stay tuned