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I will be attending the sentencing hearing in the case of The United States v Deric Lostutter at the Federal courthouse in Lexington, Ky on March, 8th 2017.


My plans call for a marathon live stream to commence when I depart for Orlando International Airport on March, 7th and will run through my stay in Lexington and return to Orlando on March 9, 2017.

There will be breaks in the coverage, of course, due to technical restrictions, restrictions on using cellphones on aircraft and the restrictions imposed by the federal court system regarding recording devices in the courtroom.

When unable to live stream, I will send twitter posts, as well as Facebook posts where appropriate. Again, there will be no posting or streaming when I am in the courthouse.

For those interested, this is my flight information:



Depart ORLANDO, FL (MCO) on Southwest Airlines at 08:10 AM




Change planes to Southwest Airlines in BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON, MD (BWI) at 11:15 AM


Arrive in LOUISVILLE, KY (SDF) at 1:00 PM

And my scheduled return to Orlando is as follows:


Depart LOUISVILLE, KY (SDF) on Southwest Airlines at 06:25 AM

Arrive in ORLANDO, FL (MCO) at 08:25 AM

Travel Time 2 hrs 0 mins.

I will be driving to and from Lexington which is a bit over an hour from Louisville. I have not made motel reservations at this time.

I will post the final schedule for streaming sometime around the first of march.

I will be posting blog articles,  uploading videos and doing live webcasts about the court cases (Deric has two cases, 1 criminal and 1 civil) between now and when I leave for the hearing.

Any suggestions from those interested would be appreciated. I am also open to interviewing parties to the cases if they are so inclined.

Stay tuned