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When the Steubenville rape case came to the attention of Deric Lostutter, he embraced the Anonymous movement as his ally in the fight against the alleged rapists and those he claimed were protecting them.


He became Kyanonymous, created Knightsec and started down a path which would soon lead to his own destruction.


His efforts were successful at least for a while. Kyanonymous and Knightsec became well known both inside of Anonymous and with the general public. He was soon praised for his efforts and many joined his efforts.

But then, Deric got greedy.


Deric began exploiting the fame that he garnered from the rape case and soon began appearing on mainstream media.

Derc soon began seeking donations, first for his legal defenses and then for his living expenses.


Deric began to post photos of what he spent his money on. Some of the photos were of Deric and his wife living a lavish lifestyle, staying in luxury hotels, buying expensive electronics, eating expensive meals and taking vacations. derichiltondericmealdlvacat

Then something rare happened, he was outed, he was no longer Anonymous. He became well known, too well known, in fact. This eventually led to his being indicted for violations of the CFAA and lying to the FBI.

To have a member of Anonymous indicted on these charges is rare. The vast majority of Anonymous members avoid getting caught. They are able to avoid detection by law enforcement and other government officials simply by keeping their mouths shut. They shun the attention of media. They rarely do interviews. Instead, they issue press releases. They make videos that are posted on Youtube and elsewhere. They issue warnings where they deem them appropriate.

Through it all, they keep the mask on and remain the one of the many. This is how they succeed.

DaH0bb1t on Twitter Samurai_Lucy anonymous died when famefags with no skill like kyanonymous ruined it. for the ideal of anonymous to truely work all the hacks must be anonThere are many who support Anonymous and those within the movement that accuse Deric of damaging the movement. They accuse Deric of taking Anonymous off message and away from their stated mantra of remaining Anonymous and shunning fame and fortune for the common good.

For Deric, the is the ultimate irony.

Stay tuned