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There is a woman from Virginia who has come to the defense of Deric Lostutter in the past. She even sent a letter to the court on his behalf. In a series of confusing Twitter profile posts (yes she actually does this) she seems to advocate that Deric’s most staunch critics be dropped from a civil lawsuit he has against her and two other “defendants” that have been exposing what they consider unethical conduct by him.

Ms. Susan Earman who goes by the handle of @Astro__x on twitter

better known as a strong supporter of Tim Holmseth and a harsh critic of anyone she perceives is against him.

Ms. Earmen first came on the scene during the case of Haleigh Cummings, a high profile missing child case in Northeast Florida. The child remains missing and the true cause of her disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

During her involvement in that case Ms. Earman became acquainted with and a supporter of Tim Holmseth who was a blogger who wrote about the case.

Mr. Holmseth became embroiled in a legal action by noted Florida atty Kim Picazio. Ms. Picazio sought and was granted a restraining order against Mr Holmseth and has kept tabs on him ever since.

This angered Ms. Earman intensely. As a result she has become obsessed with “Getting even” with Ms Picazio, Levi Page and anyone else she considers a foe of Tim Holmseth, including me.


Ms Earman soon allied herself with Deric Lostutter primarily because of the civil lawsuit he filed against Michelle McKee, James Olsen and Alexandra Goddard.


Ms Earman had also tried to align herself with another person who Ms Picazio had exposed as being behind dozens upon dozens of twitter sock accounts who used them to pit a number of individuals against each other.

Ironically one of those sock accounts was an impersonation of her husband (or ex-husband) that caused her to become extremely upset.

Ms Earman was eventually rebuffed by the individual in spite of their mutual disagreements with Ms Picazio.

Which now brings us as to how Ms Earman has come to the defense of Michelle McKee. Ms McKee has in the past been a harsh critic of Ms. Earman and remains so to this day.

There is currently a disagreement between the defendants in the civil lawsuit and it appears that Ms Earman has involved herself by coming to the defense of Ms McKee against whatever wrong she feels has been done to her.

Ms Earman has now declared that Ms McKee was not involved in some of the more severe actions against Mr Lostutter which consisted mostly of criticizing his actions and accusing him of involving his grand daughter.

The confusing part is that now Ms Earman is coming against the strongest critic and enemy of Deric Lostutter. Does this mean that she has withdrawn her support of Deric or more likely, come to the defense of someone simply because of the dispute she has against others, one of which is Kim Picazio.

Based on her past actions, I would have to conclude that Ms Earman is doing this simply because she feels it is a way to get back at Kim Picazio and those she is allied with.

If this is the case, she is sacrificing moral principles in order to seek revenge.

Such a stand is doomed to failure.

Stay tuned