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For the past several years there has been a mysterious troll that has been playing people against each other for her own personal demented reasons.


She had what she described as a ” Satire, Spoof etc” blog where she claimed to make lighthearted fun of her targets. The problem is the tone of her blog and accompanying twitter account soon turned into bullying and stalking.


She began posting the personal information about single and divorced women and even married women. She would put up photos of people’s houses and dispense completely false and misleading personal information as well.

She started attacking minor children of her targets and even went as far as to attack the deceased children of her targets.

She twice implied that my son was not mine yet offered nothing to back up her claims. Once confronted with her attacks of that nature, she removed the posts.

It was recently proven that this person had been behind dozens upon dozens of twitter sock accounts that impersonated her targets as well as being behind sock accounts meant to anger a number of individuals both whom thought were her friends to those who were her adversaries.

One of her closest friends ( or so the person thought) a well known attorney finally got suspicious and started to investigate the troll accounts along with someone with IT knowledge and they soon were able to prove that she was behind virtually all of the sock accounts that had been creating havoc in a certain sector of the social media community.


It was proven in great detail exactly who this person was, a bitter, divorced, spinster who spends hours upon hours posting news stories she links to her blog.

She rarely, if ever, writes anything original.

It is interesting to note that after she was exposed, the sock accounts, for the most part, completely vanished. The games stopped and the infighting that had gone on for years came to a screeching halt.


Everyone had moved on and all was well and calm. That is until recently. It seems this poor attention lost soul is once again crying out for attention.

She is begging for attention be that positive or negative. She absolutely cannot stand to be ignored.

She has been ignored for months and will be continue to be ignored from this day forward. I made the exception this time around in case the lonely attention starved woman chooses to point those who read her blog in this direction.

She apparently does not like the political comments I have been making recently and considering who she supports, I find that not to be surprising. The person she supports is a crook and a liar. Like they say, likes attract.


She has completely lied about who she is and what she did professionally. She cannot tell the truth. She never will tell the truth.

I now close this article stating that no matter what the poor foolish lonely lady posts or does, we are all on to her and she will continue to be ignored.


Her dark and lost soul is now cast down the well of obscurity and irrelevancy.

Stay tuned