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One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to borrow money from a friend. This was a mistake that Deric Lostutter learned the hard way.


Deric once had a motorcycle. One day, Deric lost the key to the motorcycle and turned to a friend for a loan to help pay for a new one to be paid.


His new found friend Alexandra Goddard, came to his rescue and loaned him the money for the key. Then something happened that usually does in cases like these.

Deric did not repay the loan. Deric made excuses, the debate went on and soon found itself included in the story of Deric on line.

Deric made the argument that the loan was, in fact, a fee for services rendered. Alexandra denied this and stated it was clearly a loan and she wanted to be paid back.

To date, the dispute remains unsettled. Deric has sued Alexandra Goddard along with others who had once considered him a friend and ally.

This is yet another lesson that had to be learned about Deric. Don’t loan him money and expect to get paid back.

Stay tuned