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Donald J. Trump on Twitter Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning who should never have been released from prison is now calling President Obama a weak leader. TerribleAccording to news reports this morning Chelsa Manning has found herself in the middle of a twitter war between her and Donald Trump.

It is reported that Chelsa Manning wrote an op ed in The Guardian where she criticized President Obama for being too week and not being progressive enough.


“The one simple lesson to draw from President Obama’s legacy: do not start off with a compromise. They won’t meet you in the middle. Instead, what we need is an unapologetic progressive leader.”

Also in her op ed, Ms Manning said:

We need someone who is unafraid to be criticized, since you will inevitably be criticized. We need someone willing to face all of the vitriol, hatred and dogged determination of those opposed to us.”

It is not clear yet how this story will effect Ms Manning who is slated to be released this coming May. One question that has not been raised as far as I know is if the Obama commutation of her sentence can be reversed by Mr Trump.

Stay tuned