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ltr1Two more letters hit the public records that are in support of Deric Lostutter. Both contain a common thread. They state that Deric is a husband and father and that his family needs him.


The one thing I noticed immediately is that this letter is similar to at least one sent last year where the wording of his involvement in Steubenville was almost the same.


There is also something interesting about these two letters:


BOTH letters were dated January 18, 2017 which raises the question as to how they became to be written. There have been calls by certain interested parties to find out exactly what the connection is between these two writers and Deric.



To be certain it is not unusual for friends and family to write in on behalf of a friend and loved one who would be facing the same fate that Deric is. The problem in this case is that these two letters raise a great deal of suspicion. The wording is almost identical and the connection to Deric is questionable at best. Then there is the fact that both letters were both written on the same day.

This is compelling evidence that the writing of these letters may have been staged.

Stay tuned