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tbl1As noted in my prior blog article, a new letter has surfaced in the public records that is in support of Deric lostutter. This letter seems to have caused the court to rule that both sides of the case now have to detail how these people are related to Deric and to try and explain the motivation of all parties that have written letters to the court.


Once again the defense of Deric is that he is a married father of a child or children (I was under the impression he had only one biological child and that his wife’s child was not in her custody at this time) and that this should weigh in his favor.

Once again those supporting Deric do not understand the serious of what he has done. He is alleged, along with his co defendant of violating the privacy of someone who had nothing to do with the case.

The victim was neither a defendant or a participant in the crime that got Deric’s attention. He was the administrator of a sports fan website.

Deric and his co defendant plead guilty to altering the content of the website, making threats, stealing personal information and files from the website and making false accusations against the victims.

Their actions did absolutely nothing for the rape victims or those who were eventually convicted of the crime.

Deric got into the situation he is now in because of his own doing. Nobody forced him to take part in these actions. Instead he is accused of masterminding the actions for which he has plead guilty of partaking.

In just over a month from now, we will find out if the judge agrees with this assessment or not.

Stay tuned