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jbl1There has been yet another letter of support for Deric sent to the court. This in itself is not unusual except for the fact that the judge has issued an order that his atty will now have to inform the court how he is related to those sending these letters. 

The same also appears to be true on the prosecution side. I along with a number of other people have sent letters to the court expressing our views that Deric needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

jbl2jbl3It is my opinion that the judge sensed that there might be bias on the part of those writing in favor of either probation or a light sentence or that they may have been lobbied to write by either Deric, his wife or relatives.

He might also have sensed that there were ulterior motives on the part of us who wrote in against Deric and wanted clarification as to who we are and why we had an interest in Deric’s fate.

If the defense or the prosecution intends to use these letters in court, they will now have to detail who these people are.

If the letter from Susan Earman is used, for instance, will the defense have to disclose any financial aid she may have given Deric along with her support?

I have a feeling that this is going to be a longer hearing than I expected and will plan my coverage accordingly.

Stay tuned