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Those words uttered by President Trump reminded me of a little known incident that occurred in WW2 that was represented in a scene fromthe movie  Tora Tora Tora which accounted some of the mistakes that happened before and during the attack on Pearl Harbor.


The US Army installed what was then an experimental radar station on the small island of Oahu. The operators of the station spotted a group of aircraft approaching Hawaii and called in to their operations center.

When they informed the officer in charge of their discovery, they were told “don’t worry about it.” He assumed the operators had spotted a formation of B17’s coming in from from California.

This missed opportunity of an early warning of the impending attack caused the US military to be unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor. If the warning by the radar operators been heeded, the outcome of the attack may have been far different.


So, when President says “don’t worry about it” it is best, instead,¬† to worry.

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  1. I understand that those who voted for Trump are glad he is making good on his campaign promises, and “draining the swamp”, etc., however, some of his executive orders and poorly thought out decisions are very concerning. Within 12 days of his presidency he has managed to piss off several countries, and potentially deteriorate relationships with them. Yep…”don’t worry about it” seems to be a call to be very worried.

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