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dericmomltrTwo more letters of support have been released that were sent to the judge presiding over Deric Lostutter’s sentencing. One was from someone claiming to be a long time friend and the other is from his mother. I am going to deal with her letter first.

I am a bit surprised that it took this long for his mother to write into the court. It usually the parent or guardian who is the first to write in and who is also the strongest defender of someone awaiting sentencing by a court judge.

In her opening, his mother accuses people of harassing him, his family as well as her and her family. She claims to have documentation of these facts but, for her own reasons has decided not to provide them to the judge.

She sites these factors as reasons for him not to go to jail for the crimes that he has confessed to.


In the second letter, she brings up the “for the better good” argument and explaining why she feels Deric was forced to break the law.

She claims that Deric has a lot of respect for women and thus was compelled to come to the defense of the Steubenville Jane Doe rape survivor.

It appears that Deric has not told his mother (or she has chosen to ignore and omit from the judge) about his harassment of those innocent women who came to the defense of some of those accused in the gang rape of Jane Doe and those who had opinions different than that of Deric’s

Most who have read my entries thus far understand the true facts quite clear. Unfortunately for Deric’s mother, so does the judge.

Now for part two:


This next installment is both compelling and interesting for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the letter is from the same general location as was the one from his mother.


The first thing that stands out is that both of the letters were likely done on a computer and then printed out. The same general format of the letters are also the same.

There are slight differences in the font sizes used and the way the paragraphs are formatted, but by and large, there are similarities as well.

Anyone who chooses to study both of these letters will pick up on what those similarities are. Let me move on to the next installment of this letter.

skyltr2  It is clear from his introduction that Sky has both a personal and professional relationship with Deric. The judge will weigh this as obvious bias when considering his plea for a light punishment for deric.

Early on Sky makes the widely disputed claim that Deric was key to getting 4 school officials indicted for covering up various aspects of the alleged rape.

What Sky leaves out of his letter is the fact that many more of those who may have had something to do with the rape escaped prosecution because Deric’s antics were believed to have scared off potential witnesses who could have provided enough evidence to both indict more participants and lead to more sentences against the two individuals who were eventually convicted of the crime.

It is the second part of the letter that I find both troubling and annoying. Sky is one of these IT professionals who believe that the ends justify the means. He indicates in his letter that he is willing to violate the ethics of his profession if it means attaining whatever justice he thinks justifies these kinds of actions.

 For some reason, IT professionals such as Sky think they are above the law and try to justify their actions with the same tired old “for the better good” argument. These people do not seem to realize that their actions actually do more harm than good.

In the Steubenville rape case, a lot of people decided to take matters in their own hands and as a result did far more damage to the case than they care to admit.

Sometimes it is better to have butted out and it is a lesson that Deric may well soon learn.

Stay tuned


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    • Holly Briley
    • Posted February 14, 2017 at 4:39 am
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    Mom refers to his growing up watching her get beaten, as if this is an excuse. Well my question to Mom would be – WHO put him in, and kept him in that environment?

    She claims he has respect for women. HA! I guess his threats to rape or have his girlfriend stab a woman in the face or sic his dog on them is respect for women.

    That’s some kind of respect there, Mom.

    I also find it very suspect that she did not provide proof of her and her friends, etc being harassed. Its not like Sonny Boy couldn’t show her how .. Yepp. Suspect indeed

    As for this Sky person … he must be a bird of a feather to Deric.

    #LockHimUp #ThrowAwayTheKey

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