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dlsl.pngAnother letter has been sent to the federal judge presiding over Deric Lostutter’s scheduled sentencing in March pleading for leniency. This letter seems to be from someone who has known Deric since he was a teenager. Or at least that is the claim.


I have noticed something of a pattern in some of the letters that have been sent to the court. First someone is using what appears to be lined tablet paper of the kind used by middle school students.

The next similarity is that there is an example of the “good acts” that Deric has done in the course of the relationship with the writer or writers.


The writers always seem to use the Steubenville rape case as a bullet point and to describe Deric is the kind of person would come to the aid of someone who is the victim of an injustice.


Another common theme in the support letters is for the author to zero in on the claim that the alleged rapists who were found guilty were “underpunished” leaving out the fact that they were minors at the time.


The author brings up the miscarriage that Deric’s wife suffered. The author blames the miscarriage on the stress the couple went through because of the impending criminal trial against Deric that was coming up around that time.

The author of the letter left out the alleged facts that Deric was using the impending birth of the child and the subsequent loss of the child to garner funds through the numerous donation websites set up by Deric as well as his wife. dlsl6

This letter differs only in that the author realizes that Deric needs to be punished, at least to some extent. The author reiterates that there is a family involved and that his wife and newborn child need Deric there to support them. This second point has been brought up in prior letters of support sent to the judge.


The author concludes that Deric engaged in an act of chivalry when he, along with Noah McHugh gained unauthorized access to a private website and downloaded highly personal and private information of the administrator of the website.

It is my opinion that Deric has not bothered to inform the couple who wrote that letter, of ALL the details that caused him to confess to the commission of the crime the federal government indicted him for.

I doubt the couple named in the letter have not been informed of the actions Deric was alleged to have taken against the administrator, those he accused of covering up the acts against Jane Doe and the alleged stalking and harassment of a number of individuals.


It is unlikely that he has informed the author of the letter of the complete details that led to the civil lawsuit he filed against those he originally allied himself with when news of the Steubenville rape case became widespread.

What strikes me in all of the support letters sent on behalf of Deric Lostutter is the wanton disregard for the rule of law by these people.


What Deric did was a severe violation of the personal privacy and lives of his victims. He compounded the crime by lying to the FBI more than once.

I would suggest that those who have written on Deric’s behalf or plan on doing so, take the time to thoroughly read the court records stating in detail, the actions for which he has plead guilty.

Perhaps they might clearly understand the seriousness of the criminal acts for which Deric has plead guilty.

The next step in the judicial process should be the submission of the sentencing report that the judge will also consider when sentencing Deric on March 8th.

That is, of course, unless there are more support letters that find their way into the court records.

Stay Tuned