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CM ECF U.S. Eastern District of Kentucky Version 6.1The documents having to do with the sentencing of Deric Lostutter everyone has been waiting for have been posted by the court. The problem is that the documents have been sealed.

One officer of the court familiar with the case speculates “Given the timing, this is the Defense motion for more lenient sentence than is recommended in the PRS.”

One interesting piece of trivia is that the paperwork was referred to , Judge Weir rather than Judge Reeves. It was Judge Reeves that gave Deric an “ass reaming” in his prior visit to the court.

Later today, I will check again to see if anything new comes up in what might turn out to be a busy week before the March 8th Sentencing.

Stay tuned


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  1. I wonder if at some point these will be unsealed as they were in Noah’s case.

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