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There is a well known expression “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This would certainly apply to the sudden change in the relationship between Alexandra Goddard and Deric Lostutter.

Deric and Alex started out as friends and allies because of the Steubenville rape case. Also, because of the Steubenville rape case, they would become the bitterest of enemies. Her letter to the federal judge that will impose a sentence in response to his guilty plea of 2 federal charges against him, gives a brief synopsis as to why this alliance degenerated into war.


Ms. Goddard quickly gets to what side she is taking with Deric. She implores that the court throw the book at him.


Ms. Goddard points out the two primary reasons she is in favor of the maximum punishment for Deric. She has strong feelings about those who seek to become famous or to profit from those who are victims of rape.

Immediately after Deric was raided by the FBI, he began a publicity drive and also began to seek donations for both his future legal expenses and personal expenses.


It is alleged that Deric posted highly personal medical information about Ms. Goddard as well as another woman during the height of the heated battle between Ms Goddard and himself.

The incident regarding the reporting of her having a wild bird in captivity was perhaps the strangest chapter in this battle. It was the most surprising to me since I was completely unaware that there were laws in place regarding the domestication of what is a very common bird.


In this excerpt, Ms. Goddard brings up the civil lawsuit against her and two other defendants. She notes that Deric suggested that he might even seize her two dogs as part of any judgement in the event he prevails in court.

Ms. Goddard also points out that it is alleged that Deric violated the terms of his pretrial release to continue his public attacks against her and a number of others he has issues with.

Deric was warned at least twice by the court to cease and desist his violations and was given one final chance to comply or face punishment.


Ms. Goddard then cites an incident that sparked a massive amount of debate on social media. It was alleged that Deric was exploiting his “hacker” credentials as well as acting as an unlicensed private detective. agl5

Ms. Goddard in this section of the letter alleges that Deric one again violated or attempted to violate the Computer abuse and fraud act by making efforts to gain unauthorized access to internet websites or social media and email accounts.

Ms. Goddard also points out that it was Deric’s intention to make false accusations about those he targeted in much the same manner as the government accused him of doing in their indictment of him in the fall of 2016.


In the above excerpt, Ms. Goddard points out how Deric has been and is still using the civil court to seek revenge against his enemies. She also accuses him of contacting the employers of his targets and making efforts to cause them to lose their means of employment by having their professional licenses revoked.


In her closing, Ms. Goddard once again stresses her strong belief that Deric be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

This letter by far is the most damaging to Deric. Anyone who knows the history between him and Ms. Goddard and who have followed the deterioration of their relationship over the years can fully comprehend the extent of the evolution from being the closest of friends to being the bitterest of enemies.

In March, we will see how the judge reacts to the contents of the Goddard letter.

Stay tuned




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  2. Deric Lostutter is a child raping criminal who deserves every day of the federal prison sentence he will receive next month. Lostutter works for a revenge pornographer named James McGibney and his ViaView company. ViaView has been sued 4 times in federal court for extortion, blackmail, defamation, and RICO violations. McGibney and Lostutter posted pics of little girls on their website and then blackmailed them to ransom back their intimate photos and to remove the defamatory posts about them.

    McGibney made a mistake in filing a lawsuit against me (actually 3 lawsuits) and I now hold a judgment against him and ViaView worth over $500,000 for anti-SLAPP sanctions here in Texas. To be honest, I will be amazed if Lostutter survives his incarceration with his virginity intact, let alone avoids getting stabbed or murdered. I know that the Aryan Brotherhood will be waiting him – seriously.

    Alayna Macaluso has never heard of Lostutter before, and she most certainly did not ask him for his “help.”

    McGibney and Lostutter are a couple of child abusing criminals who deserve death. But in the meantime, I guess we will accept prison time for them.

  3. I hadn’t planned on being so verbose in my correspondence with Judge Reeves, but I felt it necessary that he have knowledge of some of the things that Deric has done. Many people have not written to the Court simply because they are terrified of retaliation by Deric. They have seen what he has done to countless others.

    Deric’s behavior has escalated over the years, and when given an inch – he takes full advantage of it and wiggles it into a mile. He’s lucky his PO doesn’t care to violate him. He will never learn his lesson. Sadly, being incarcerated is not going to teach him a lesson. If anything, he’s going to be a better criminal, but he needs to be off the streets where he can’t harm anyone.

    32 days and counting. It can’t get here soon enough, and I really do believe that since the Judge was VERY HARSH in sentencing a man who fully cooperated with the government, Deric’s fate is going to be similar.

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