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There has been an ongoing debate about the letters that have been sent to the federal judge overseeing the sentencing of Deric Lostutter this coming March. The one thing I found out in my research is that it is perfectly ok for the defendant to solicit letters of support.

Due to the many similarities that were contained within the letters, it seems that Deric not only solicited the people who authored the letters sent to the court, he also may have given them bullet points to include in the letters to the court.

At the same time, Deric may have committed a crucial error. The letters were sent directly to the court and not to his attorney. This bypassed the attorneys ability to vet the letters before going to the judge.

Why is this important? It is because, although the authors will include in their letter only what they consider to be information that will be helpful to Deric at sentencing, there is always a possibility that someone may unintentionally include something that could actually be harmful.

I have noticed that many of the letters supporting Deric have included details of his actions. The writers also acknowledged that he is guilty of what he has confessed to and understand that he needs some kind of punishment.

Coupled with the letters sent to the judge asking for the most severe punishing by writers using the same bullet points against Deric, the Deric supporters may have actually made the situation worse.

This seems to indicate that Deric went ahead with this letter campaign without consulting with his attorney or not taking his advice.

With Deric, you never know.

Stay tuned