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tclhThe latest support letter to be seen by the judge presiding over the sentencing of Deric Lostutter comes as a complete surprise to me. The reason is not so much the fact that it is yet another letter of support but because of who it is that authored the letter.


In the introduction, Ms Coleman reveals that she is the mother of Daisy Coleman. It turns out that Daisy was the subject, along with Audrie Pott who were assault and cyberbullying victims.


In this powerful letter, Dr Coleman details why she feels that Deric deserves a break when his sentence is handed down in just under three weeks from this writing.


I can understand Dr. Coleman’s point to a degree. There was a culture in Steubenville that seemed to condone the actions of those convicted or at least an attempt was made to mitigate their actions.

I am still, however, forced to reiterate my position that the ends do not justify the means. Dr. Coleman apparently does not know the damage that was done to the innocent victims swept up in the actions that caused Deric to confess to two of the federal counts against him.


Unfortunately, Deric’s subsequent actions after his indictment has made it clear that a lenient sentence will not deter him from future reckless actions.

If he is given the proverbial slap on the wrist, Deric will only be emboldened to get involved in another situation where his likely uncontrolled actions will cause even more damage to other innocent victims caught up in his shenanigans.

This latest letter of support makes it even more imperative to pay attention on March 8th to what may determine the fate and future of Deric Lostutter and the public at large.

Stay tuned