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Today marks an important milestone in the federal case against Deric Lostutter. It is a day when a lot of the pre sentencing documentation that is due should start flooding the office of the Clerk of the court.

Chief among these documents will be the pre sentencing reports which will include the government’s arguments as to why Deric should receive the punishment they advocate and exactly what that punishment will be.

The defense will likely offer, once again, their argument for leniency from the court. along with any motions they seek.

We should also learn today or sometime early this week if Noah McHugh is going to testify. If he does, it should make for an interesting day in court. Most notable would be any cross examination by the defense.

It is also not clear if Deric Lostutter will make any kind of statement either on his behalf or as an apology for his actions.

Next on the list would be if there is going to be anyone else who might testify for either the defense or prosecution.

His wife may be there with him and may choose to make a statement along with anyone who has written letters to the court either on his behalf or those who consider themselves his victims or who wish to see him get the maximum sentence as allowed by law.

The countdown to Wednesday, March 8th 2017 continues for those whose interest in the case is due to the impact his sentencing will have on them as well.

Stay tuned