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Well, after what was probably a brief bender, the self important blogger who goes by the moniker Radio has resurfaced with yet another boastful post claiming that the outing of her as Judy so and so is wrong. Well, I have some news for Radio.

At least, I don’t.

I feel that if Radio is not the Judy that has been mentioned several times in the information given in several doxing sources, there was enough information to satisfy most who were interested.  Radio admits that at the very least, Judy is a blood relative which pointed those interested  in the right direction.

There is something in her (or his perhaps?) background that Radio is ashamed of. Is Radio a well known pedophile pretending to be a man? Is Radio a sexual predator who enjoys targeting women from behind an anonymous blog?

Most likely, yes.

One thing is certain, Radio is NOT some celebrity or someone under some kind of witness protection program. Radio, instead, is nothing more than one of millions of bloggers who operate small and mostly anonymous blog websites.

Common sense dictates that there is something in the past or present regarding Radio that would do even more damage to her reputation by exposing who she really is that is more substantial to the damage she has already done to her reputation by her unethical and immoral actions.

Radio is simply not an important enough person to be hidden behind the so called extra measures she has taken to protect her identity.

There is certainly nothing important enough on her hate filled blog to justify going under “deep cover.”

For the most part, the only things posted on Radio’s blog are links to other sources that she has posted on her blog along with excerpts from those articles written by someone other than herself.

In the past, Radio’s blog contained personal attacks of undeserving victims of her wrath. Radio posted highly personal information on her blog that had the potential of putting the safety and security of her victims at risks. Radio would publish the names and addresses of the victims, their families, and sometimes their employers, on the internet opening up the risk of identity theft and harassment of them by internet pranksters and scammers.

In the end, Radio exposed her true self as nothing more than a vindictive hermit hiding behind a secret identity thinking that she would escape being accountable for her actions by doing so.

After the exposing of Radio as being behind scores of vindictive Twitter socks  are the occasional temper tantrums and boasts that Radio seems to think are important to others when in fact they are only important to Radio herself.

Radio does not seem to notice that those she has named in her latest rant, including me, have moved on. We have other interests to pursue. The self important Radio can brag all she wants that we still do not know beyond a doubt who she actually is, but there will be nobody who gives a damn.

What Radio does not seem to understand is that we know WHAT she is, and THAT is what is important.

Stay tuned