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Judy Kay ChavezThe one thing that remains true on the internet is that being anonymous cannot be guaranteed. Such is the case with the one known as @Radionewsblog or Radio for short.

A number of individuals including myself have had run ins with Radio and incurred her wrath for the simple mistake of criticizing her for posting personal information on her targets.


Radio was outed a few months back as behind a vast number of Twitter sock accounts that attacked those she considered her friends as well as her enemies. The methods are detailed in the article linked below:

Radio has been very adamant about denying that she is the person named in the article. She has mocked the person behind the effort and has also attacked the Florida atty that also discovered that she was behind the sock Twitter accounts.

It is interesting to note that neither the woman above nor Radio has taken any legal action against those who have published that information. According to the autobiography she once published, Radio would have the financial means necessary to carry out such an action.

You are invited to to to the above link and read the article. You can make up your own mind.

As for my take on the matter, I simply do not care if the woman is Radio or not. She has been outed as a game player and a liar and that is enough for me.

Everyone now knows the truth about Radio and will no longer get caught up in any of her games nor will they be tricked into playing games with whatever Sock account she creates in the future.

She would be better off doing what she always does, posting links to stories she finds on the internet on her blog as a way to draw people to her blog.

Stay tuned