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CM ECF ncmd CM ECF ncmd(2)There has been some movement of sorts in the civil case brought by Deric Lostutter against his three harshest critics.

On March 28th, The motion to have Deric’s case Dismissed, Deric’s response to the request and finally, Deric’s request for an oral argument by all sides to the court was submitted to Judge Schroeder.

CM ECF ncmd CM ECF ncmd(3)When the defendants filed their motion to dismiss the case, Deric promptly filed his objection to the dismissal and went on to point out the reasons why he felt the case should continue.

CM ECF ncmd CM ECF ncmd(1)Deric then filed a request that both the plaintiff and the defendants submit oral arguments to the courts citing their positions having to do with the request for dismissal and Deric’s objection to that request.

One other request by the Defendant’s besides the dimissal request was for something called a Gatekeeper Order.

Gatekeeper Orders.pdfThis unusual request came out of the accusations by the Defendants of Deric’s abuse of the court system by the constant filing of various motions, demands and lawsuits that have taken place over the past several years.



These filings are now in the hands of the judge. He now will decide the direction the case will take in the coming days or weeks.

Will the motion to dismiss the case be granted?

Will the motion to dismiss the case be denied?

Will the motion for a Gatekeeper be granted?

And finally, will the defendants be compelled to engage in an oral argument either in person or by some other means to the court stating why they feel the case should be dismissed?

Stay tuned