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Monthly Archives: March 2017

CM ECF U.S. Eastern District of Kentucky Version 6.1 History Documents Query(1)

For the past 16 days, things have been quiet regarding the supposed criminal case against Deric Lostutter. He has been sentenced to prison and is supposed to report this May 8th.

Those of us waiting for that day to come had thought we would have to wait until then in order to have something to talk about.

We thought wrong.

There are several things going on with the case one of which struck me completely by surprise.

Deric has filed an appeal to his sentencing.

CM ECF U.S. Eastern District of Kentucky Version 6.1 CM ECF U.S. Eastern District of Kentucky Version 6.1(56)What had me scratching my head was the fact that as part of his sentencing agreement, he gave up his right to appeal. The only exception would be if there was an argument that the judge did something in the course of the trial.

Another significant revelation is that Deric is now acting as his own attorney in the appeal filing. His former lawyer’s name is nowhere to be found on this latest document filed with the court.

My question here is this: Has Deric violated his sentencing agreement by filing his appeal and what would be the consequences if he did?

I will be asking some experts about this in the near future.

Stay tuned



One thing that seems rather obvious in the spate of fake troll accounts that have appeared over the years opens up speculation that more than one individual is behind them.


One of the main reasons for this speculation rests with one Twitter account holder’s habit of Tweeting through her profile. Since she has locked her account and rarely tweets on it anyway, she has taken up this strange habit of subtweeting, as the practice is called, her feelings about a certain number of people she has issues with.

It is not the fact she engages in this queer behavior that arouses suspicion but in how she sets up her account.


She keeps changing her username or account header. One moment she will use her original account name, other times like today she will change it to The Hateful 8.


There have been instances where she has changed the account name a dozen times in a single day. She seems to be real good at making up names at the drop of a hat.


This is where the speculation comes in. In the past, a number of troll accounts would appear out of nowhere and then disappear within hours or a few days.

They would come and go. Some with no followers nor people following them. There would usually be no tweets but rather the accounts would be used to send direct messages to people targeted for various reasons.

This leads many to suspect that this individual may be behind many of the troublesome troll accounts that pitted people against each other. It is also likely that this individual either worked with the other person who has been exposed for using similar methods or the individual may have had her account taken over since there was an indication that the original owner of the account stated to me that she was leaving Twitter never to return.

It is hard to know at this point where the truth lies. One thing is certain. By the continued use of “tweeting by profile” and the near instant changes in usernames, the individual behind that account is proving an ability needed to create scores of fake twitter accounts.

It certainly gives people a reason to speculate about a great deal of things that have been said and done over the years.

Stay tuned


Inmate Locator(1)

I had an interesting blog article sent to me. It was interesting since the person decided to become an ally of Deric Lostutter at the expense of those he as victimized.

In what appears to be a self serving internet temper tantrum, the author complains about being doxed and put on websites such as Bullyville and

What strikes me as rather odd is that this person claims to have been doxed but at the same time denied the dox is not of her but of someone else, her aunt.

While going on the combined pity party of herself and Deric Lostutter, the author forgets her own actions of bullying and the dragging of others through the mud.

This includes me, of course, along with scores of others whim she pretended to befriend. She played people like a puppet master pitting them against each other by creating scores of twitter sock puppets and when confronted with indisputable  evidence, denied everything and blamed a once close friend for being the actual kingpin of the trolling.

The author ran a blog where she would post the personal information of those she targeted. She engaged in her own “doxng.” She encouraged both illegal and unethical actions.

I once before criticized her for these actions and as a result became a target of hers for several years. She collected highly personal information and posted it on her blog and made certain the false narratives about me were included in her postings. She encouraged bullying by others and partook in bullying herself. My deceased wife and son were not off limits to her sick rantings.

This is where the troll accounts came in. She created troll accounts in my name to attack those who were my former enemies. She even created troll accounts to attack an atty who once considered her a close friend.

Finally, with the help of outside third parties, her elaborate fraudulent activities were exposed. She was given a chance, more than once, to stop her actions and go on to other matters.

I told the third parties that she would not do so and that she would return to her old ways. I have been proven right. She is at it once again.

She has allied herself with Deric Lostutter whom she once “dragged through the mud” but now sees a chance to aggravate his critics by joining forces with him.

At least she thinks she is aggravating her critics. What she is actually doing is showing she has no moral compass and will come to the defense of a confessed felon who has admitted time and again engaging threatening behavior towards woman and children. He has been proven to terrorize those who had nothing to do with the alleged rape of a teenager in Steubenville, Ohio.

She does not seem to care that Deric Dragged the name of the grand daughter of a woman he had a dispute with into the on line arguments by posting her true legal name along with a circumstance that was highly personal and had no business being on the internet. This was a child that had nothing to do with anything on the internet or the disputes going on there.

Her latest actions are showing her true colors. She has no moral compass and she certainly has no respect for the law.

She would rather ally herself with a self serving cyber bully and terrorist than support justice for those people whose lies he ruined with his illegal unethical and immoral actions.

Everyone can now be reminded of the kind of person she is and act according to their own moral and ethical compass.

Stay Tuned



Inmate Locator(1)

Ever since Deric Lostutter was sentenced to prison on March 8, 2017 many people have been wondering when his name would pop up on the Federal Bureau of Prison’s inmate roster. Deric Lostutter is scheduled to report to a yet undisclosed facility before 2:00pm edt on May 8, 2017.

We are one step closer to that happening.

Today, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, has designated that Deric Lostutter is officially inmate number 21103-032.

It will not be long before the institution where inmate #21103-032 will be housed.

I will be live streaming on location (location tba) on May 8,2017 when inmate #21103-032 is scheduled to report.

Stay tuned


freedericI am actually not surprised about this. Sometime around March 8th, 2017 which was the day Deric Lostutter was sentenced for his part of the hacking of the Steubenville sports booster website, his wife, according to the profile posted on the account, Jennifer Lostutter set up the account in order to get Deric freed from prison.

There is a slight problem. Deric is not in prison….yet.

He does not have to report to prison until May 8, 2017 at no later than 2:00pm eastern time. That is roughly 53 days from the time of this writing.

I guess Jennifer decided to get a head start.

freederic2Her twitter page left out a number of interesting details, the first of which is that Deric pled GUILTY to two charges. One of violating the CFAA and the other of lying to the FBI.

Deric got sentenced to 2 years in prison plus three years probation. This amounts to a slap on the wrist as he could have gotten up to 5 years each on these charges.

He could also could have wound up serving the sentences consecutively instead of concurrently.

Another fact that Jennifer conveniently leaves out is that Deric’s efforts did NOTHING to solve the rape case or help in any way.


In fact, according to Jane M Hanlin, the local county prosecuter, Jane Hanlin, Deric actually did a lot of damage to the case.


His actions may have resulted in some people who either had something to do with the incident or who could have provided more evidence that might have increased the punishment of those convicted, going underground and not providing the needed information.

According to the severe tongue lashing that Deric received in court from Judge Reeves at his sentencing, Deric made threats against innocent victims and their families and in fact, terrorized an entire town.


Not only that, but for some odd reason Deric decided to sue the very people he once allied with during the height of the rape case investigation.

P s brief in support of motion for oral argument.pdf Google DriveThe defendants in his lawsuit simply used his own words and actions against him. They pointed out through his own website, facebook and twitter accounts as well as his various donation accounts, his various actions towards those that crossed his path.

Instead, she has portrayed Deric as some kind of hero who exposed a cover up and claimed to have made it possible for the alleged rapists to be prosecuted.


Deric and Jennifer seem to have found a couple of people willing to swallow the propaganda that has been put out there by them on their various social media accounts.

The problem for them, however is that their efforts are a complete waste of time. Deric cannot appeal his sentence. He gave up that right when he made the plea deal.

If Deric was so dead set in proving his innocence, he should have allowed the case to go to trial. Instead he took the easy way out and plead guilty thus saving the taxpayers a lot of money and shortening what could have been a lengthy prison term in the process.

By setting up this Twitter account, Jennifer and Deric are taking a dangerous gamble. There are strict terms and restrictions in place by the court. By setting up this account, Deric is skating on thin ice. He is being watched by the court and by those waiting for him to make a mistake that could make things worse for him.

The end result of setting up the Twitter account may turn out to be a serious error in judgement.

Stay tuned



There has been some criticism of me over the past few days of exploiting the day that Deric Lostutter is scheduled to report to a yet undetermined federal facility to serve out his two year sentence for violating the computer abuse and fraud act as well as lying to the FBI.

That is not exactly true. My motive is simply to see justice for the citizens of Steubenville and other individuals who were the victims of the actions of Noah McHugh and Deric Lostutter.

This is the primary reason for doing the live webcast on May 8th when Deric is scheduled to report to prison.


Those critics need to remember that it was not I nor those named as “riding the wave” of the Lostutter case who had anything to do with Deric breaking the law. The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of Deric Lostutter and Noah McHugh. Deric is an adult, who is capable of knowing right from wrong. It is Deric along with Noah McHugh who made the decisions they did.

Deric plead guilty to two of the four charges against him. Deric was the mastermind, according to the statements by the FBI and Judge Reeves at his sentencing, of the hacking of the sports booster website. It was Deric along with Noah who went into the website, downloaded material they were not authorized to have, changed the contents of the website and finally wrest control of the website away from the legitimate owner of the website.


Deric and Noah made it so that the true owner of the website could not control the false narratives posted on the website nor could he correct the damage being done to him, his family, and to the community of Steubenville.

These actions are why I am following this case to the bitter end. I was a victim of Deric’s actions at one point.

Also in 2008 my websites were hacked, Control over my email was taken away from me and I was unable to access it to correct the false narratives that were created in my name through those accounts.

To this day, evidence of that damage exists on a number of blogs, Youtube videos as well as revenge pages such as The Dirty and others.

So yes, I ride the Deric wave of justice for I have  a stake in it of sorts. I am against the hacking of personal websites or websites for that matter. I consider it an act of trespassing. I consider it an act of stealing of one’s reputation and piece of mind.

As Judge Reeves stated, it is an act of terrorism and bullying. It was an act of terrorism and bullying that the citizens of Steubenville suffered and are still suffering.


Jane Hanlin stated it best when she stated that she can go nowhere in this country without people bringing up Steubenville and the rape case.

Steubenville is small town that has so much to offer that is only remembered for the mistake two teenagers made one fateful night that tore an entire town to pieces.


May 8th, 2017 is a chance for the citizens of Steubenville to finally put those pieces back together.

Stay tuned


Jenny Lostutter jenand_juice • Instagram photos and videosWhen Deric Lostutter was sentenced on March 8th, we all exhaled a sigh of relief knowing that Deric will now be forced to shut the hell up and his game playing days would be over.

It seems, however, that that sigh of relief may be a bit premature. Holly Briley, the owner of wrote both on her twitter account and in her blog that she suspects that she is being intimidated by Deric through his wife Jennifer.

Both Holly Briley and Jennifer have Instigram accounts. It is also rather obvious that Jennifer would not have any interest in being friends with Holly or having any relationship with her that would be the least bit positive.


It is therefore rather strange that Jennifer Lostutter would be posting likes on Holly Briley’s Instigram account. According to Holly, that is exactly what she did.

Holly certainly did not feel comfortable with the Likes by Jennifer Lostutter as she clearly stated in her blog:

“There is no reason whatever for them to like these pictures other than to let me know they were there.”

The question is, can Holly report Deric for the third party harassment? Probably not. Kim Picazio, a well known atty practicing in the State of Florida made this comment regarding this development:

“No, not likely. But could piss off his PO and could affect BOP’s restrictions and placement. Rhett is likely not going to be a violation proceeding because to a lawyer, there’s no demonstratable proof that Deric even knew she did that.”

It would seem that Deric may have dodged a legal bullet once again. He needs to be careful for there a lot of people watching his and his wife’s every move. His next move might be his last.

Stay tuned



On May 8th 2017 Deric Lostutter aka Kyanonymous was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He has been instructed to report to a yet undetermined federal institution to serve out his sentence on May, 8th 2017 at no later than 2:00 PM.

I am making arrangements for an on location live webcast so that those who were the victims and targets of Deric Lostutter can observe when justice is finally handed down and Deric is made to account for his actions.

I will post more details on May 1, 2017 that will include the stream timetable, those whom I will be interviewing live and in person, and other information.

Be sure to join me and my guests as we observe this final chapter in the Deric Lostutter saga.

Stay tuned




One of the more curious aspects of the Lostutter hearing occurred before during and after the hearing. I have been to a lot of trials and have witnessed how a client and his attorneys handle those from the press during trials or hearings.

In a majority of those cases, the media maintains their distance during non interview situations. This certainly was not the case with whom I dub the gang of four.

I first became aware of Deric coming to the courthouse when I spotted Him Tor Eckland, his lawyer and two men that were unknown to me at the time, walking from a parking garage across the street and some distance from the courthouse.

I would have to guess that it was at least 10 minutes before they arrived at and entered the courthouse together. This in itself is unusual. A lawyer will prefer that media maintain some distance from him and his client so that they can discuss the case in private.

The same thing is true when inside the courthouse when waiting to enter the courtroom. The men were constantly with Tor and Deric while waiting and were having a group discussion. It did not appear to me that Tor was taking a lot of time prepping Deric for the hearing or the things that a lawyer normally does at this stage.

Murtwitnessone on Periscope Untitled (10)

Both men sat near me when they arrived in the courtroom and furiously took notes the entire time they were in there. I left early to get on line as soon as possible but they remained in the courtroom and came out of the building just before Deric and Tor themselves came out.

Murtwitnessone on Periscope Untitled (14)

The two men and I were the only ones to interview Tor and Deric. A third gentleman, presumably media, left the court house and did not come anywhere near us.

Murtwitnessone on Periscope Untitled (15)

Nobody from any major media source was there. After the interview, Tor and Deric walked some distance away from me and the men accompanied them. It seemed to me that they conducted another interview and wanted to do so out of earshot of me.

Murtwitnessone on Periscope Untitled (12)

It was at that point that the man from came back to me and conducted what turned out to be a lengthy interview with me.

He informed me that he was with at that point and that he was doing a story about Stubenville that should be completed several months from now.

Murtwitnessone on Periscope Untitled (9)

Other than through speculation, I have no idea who the other man was. I was reminded that Deric has signed over all rights to his story to Plan B Productions who purchased the rights to the Rolling Stone magazine article about him. What is not known is if the two men are being paid by Tor or if they are just following the hearing with exclusive access being given to them.

When I covered the search for Caylee Anthony in Orlando, I was given “inside access” to the staging area with Lenny P who was the bounty hunter who tried to get Casey Anthony to tell what happened to Caylee and where she might be.

I was not compensated and I have to wonder if this is the same situation as mine. These might be people that Tor decided to allow access to him and Deric because their reporting may be biased in favor of Deric’s situation or at least is directed in the direction of giving Deric some good press.

At some point down the road, perhaps the questions about the gang of four will be answered.

Stay tuned



The sentencing of Deric Lostutter turned out to be far more interesting than I had originally anticipated. I was under the impression that there would be the normal course of business by the defense and prosecution, the judge would make his statement, Deric would be sentenced and that would be that.

Boy was I wrong!!!

I arrived in Lexington, Tuesday afternoon and immediately went to the clerk of the court office on the second floor to check on any last minute filings as well as get an idea of how soon the transcripts of the hearing would be released.

I then did a stream outside of the courthouse, briefly and left the courthouse for the day.

On Wednesday I arrived early to do a brief stream and since it was bone chilling cold, I decided to go to a deli across the street and get a hot chocolate. It was then a waiting game until around 8:30 am when I went to the courthouse to wait to see if Deric arrived.

I had noticed for men across the street walking from the parking garage to a small plaza across from the court where I had planned on setting up until I found I could do so in front of the courthouse.

While on live stream and talking to a woman who happened to be coming up the steps to the entrance, Deric, his lawyer and two men passed within feet of me.

I immediately logged off the chat, packed my gear and went into the courthouse.

I decided to visit the restroom and passed right by Deric and his entourage who were having a conversation while waiting to go into the courtroom.

I passed them again on the way back to the courtroom which was down a hallway beyond the USMS security checkpoint.

I was able to find a place to sit that turned out to be immediately behind Deric and his lawyer. The two men who had accompanied Deric were sitting to my right.

The courtroom is quite small. There are two long pews that would probably hold a total of 30 people if they were to squeeze in them together.

Beyond the usual separation barrier were two desks one in front of me and the other to the left. The prosecution party sat on the left and Deric and his atty on the right.

At first there were three men sitting at the prosecution table. One was the prosecuting atty, left of him was an FBI agent and a third unidentified man was to the left of the agent. Several minutes later, a man in a beige trenchcoat arrived and the others seemed to be surprised to see him there.

After he arrived, A tall slim woman 3ish with long black hair came into the entrance and stood behind the man with the trench coat. She gave a paper to him and turned to face me. It was then that I recognized this woman as a secret service agent because of the lapel pin she was wearing. She left the courtroom and never returned.

Then there was the normal course of business where the prosecution and defense attys went up to the court clerk and gave her papers and had a discussion.

The bailiff, one of the two USMS men in court, had us all stand while the judge came out of chambers and sat behind his place at the bench.

The first order of business was a motion by the defense to try and remove the “sophisticated means” addendum removed from the judgement. Tor tried to argue that “guessing the password to a 12 dollar website and using a vpn etc” was not sophisticated means” There was a back and forth between him and the judge that seemed to turn into an argument with the judge indicating that Tor was giving an argument he was losing.

Throughout the discussion of this issue, the judge cited a number of case laws that demonstrated that he did not have to “cherry pick” similar cases throughout the country when deciding the level of sentencing in Derics case.

The judge reminded Tor that he and his client had agreed to the the use of sophisticated means in the commission of the crime when the plea agreement was made.

When the government atty took his turn, he repeated the sophisticated means argument going into detail exactly what Deric and Noah McHugh did when the hacking of the website occurred and their subsequent actions when the hacking took place.

The judge then went on to state his reasoning for coming to his decision also noting in the government’s argument that Deric had engaged in a large number of actions such as concealing his identity and that of others, taking the hacked website off shore and denying access to the actual owner of the case. He included the false accusations made about a coverup by Ohio law enforcement as well as the stealing of the content of website (emails,  images and so forth)

It was around this time that I noticed that a blonde woman sitting next to another male around 30 who were also sitting with the probation officers was staring at me or at least in my direction.

I have later learned that there is speculation that this couple was Deric’s brother and his newlywed wife. This speculation has not been confirmed. Normally only people who are a party to the case sit in this section.

The judge soon finished explaining why he came to the decision he had. He overruled the defense motion and went into the process of sentencing.

The defense informed the court that Deric wanted to make a statement. Deric stood up, facing the judge and made a statement that was a bit over 5 minutes long. He stated that he “has been trying to put this incident behind him for the past three years. He said he has been a law abiding citizen for the past three years and his been making a living and providing for his family.”

He did apologize to his victims and stated that he likely went too far in trying to “do the right thing.”

Then things got really intense. I have been to quite a number of these kinds of hearings and for the most part they are routine. The judge usually makes a brief summery and then hands down the judgement by the court.

It was not even close here. The judge went into the judicial version of an ass reaming of Deric. More than once, he called Deric, a bully, an abuser, a person who only got involved in cases for fame and fortune. He noted that Deric (as did the prosecution) that Deric had violated his probation twice. He made it clear that Deric needed a severe sentencing in order to deter him and others from similar actions in the future.

Key in his ass reaming of Deric was the reading of the impact statement by Jane M Hanlin, the Jefferson, Ohio county prosecutor who had first became involved in the investigation of the rape and who had recused herself because her son was a student at Steubenville and was acquainted to the defendants in that case.

His reading of her letter and the discussion of its contents was the longest portion of the hearing. It was likely this letter that caused Deric to get the sentence he received.

Deric got 24 months to be served in a federal prison to be determined by May 8 2017 which is when Deric is to turn himself in to the yet unknown institution.

The judge then read the additional restrictions and the 3 year supervised probation that Deric will have to serve upon his release.

One major restriction is that Deric is banned from the internet, he cannot get a job in any aspect of the IT industry and he cannot contact, stalk, extort or otherwise harass anyone on or off the internet with those intents in mind.

He has also lost the ownership of anything that had to do with the hacking and subsequent actions. This includes at least two computers and peripherals, software and other unknown items that were taken in the FBI raid.

The hearing went long and thus it caused the next case that was supposed to start at 10 am  be late. The judge then ajourned long enough for everyone to clear the courtroom so that the parties to the next case could enter.

I immediately left the courtroom and went outside to wait for Deric to come out.

Next: Deric’s presser.

Stay tuned