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Sixth Circuit United States Court of AppealsWell, it looks like Deric has found something with which to occupy himself while he is in prison. He is going to be a jailhouse lolyer.

There was a bit of a panic by a few after hearing the news that Deric was granted permission to go ahead with his appeal by the same judge that presided over the March hearing, but this turns out to be something that is fairly routine when it comes to the court of appeals.


The appeals court is something quite different than the lower courts. Virtually all the proceedings are done through briefs filed with the court by parties involved. Nobody appears before the judges in these courts. Deric cannot use the process to gain some “outside time.”

There will be no trips to Cincinnati Ohio to appear in court all dressed up.

Deric, instead will spend his years in prison, pen (or pencil) in hand trying to argue his way out of jail.

Getting things done in court is a lengthy process. It will probably take months for this first appeal is ruled upon. By that time Deric will be getting settled into his new digs and be on the way to learn a new profession to practice when he is released.


Since he currently works at a restaurant, he will probably be a cook.

Order up!

Stay tuned