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The Free Deric Twitter account unblocked me this evening. I suspect the reason is to give me credit for providing information that made his lawsuit against the three defendants possible and for Deric to obtain some kind of protection or restraining order.

I am surprised that I was given this credit since the evidence provided to the court in his filings had to do with blogs and twitter postings alleged to have been made by the defendants in the case.

There is little if anything about me in those filings that Deric could not have learned by simply doing a google search.

I will admit that I had contact with Deric during the height of my disputes with the defendants in the case.

Some of the contact with Deric was an attempt to advise him how to run his business and the correct way to deal with customer complaints which is something a business has to deal with from time to time.

Deric answered that he knew what he was doing.

However, Deric and his wife should also be aware that my attitude changed when Deric started attacking the grand daughter of one of the defendants and mentioning her in what I felt was an inappropriate manner on the open internet.

That incident was a turning point. Deric also forgets that we have a history that was not friendly. Deric did include me in his war against “rape apologists.”

I also made a suggestion to Deric back then and I am making that suggestion now.

DROP THE LAWSUIT. Walk away from the civil lawsuit and start down a new road. Face the future and the price you have to pay for your actions. Learn from what happened and change your ways.

When we met fact to face in Lexington, I saw an intelligent young man who has potential if only he would change the way he does things and try and correct his past mistakes.

Take it from one who has been there, this constant bickering with people will go nowhere. Everyone on all sides of the various disputes feel strongly about their beliefs and they will not stop or admit they are wrong.

Learn from my unilateral decision to stop the disputes. In the long run you will be better off.

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  1. Water under the proverbial bridge, Murt. Since then we’ve all learned the truth of the matter and WHO was behind all the bullshit stirring. Let them flap their gums.

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