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My it has been a busy day for me today. As I said earlier, the atty for Thomas, Michelle and Alexandra quit because of the disputes going on between primarily Thomas and Michelle. Alexandra Goddard found herself caught in the middle of the dispute.

The dispute between Thomas Olsen and Michelle McKee started a while back when there was a settlement pending between the three parties and Deric Lostutter.

As I recall, Michelle decided it was not in her best interest to accept the settlement and made her feelings known. This decision on her part cased a rather intense and lengthy dispute between her and Olsen. As time went on the dispute reached such intensity that outside parties soon took interest in the dispute.

Another major milestone took place when Deric suddenly decided to drop Michelle McKee from the lawsuit. This only made matters worse as Thomas Olsen and Alexandra Goddard were now concerned that this action had only strengthened Deric Lostutter’s chances of winning his lawsuit against him.

Things got so intense that Thomas Olsen felt that Michelle McKee was stalking him and as a result of his concerns, he filed an action in the Santa Rosa county court where he resides in Florida.

Michelle McKee is rumored to have left the state of Georgia and is on her way back to Gig Harbor, Washington. Michelle McKee is unavailable for comment as she has deactivated her twitter accounts.

A hearing into the matter is scheduled for May, 24th, 2017.

Stay tuned



    • Sam
    • Posted April 21, 2017 at 1:39 pm
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    It depends on the county. Mine against “him” I had to prove step by step how he attempted to harm my life…even tho he didn’t show up for the first hearing I still had to prove he posed a threat to my life in order to get the order. Some states if they don’t show up it is automatically granted….not mine. At least not with my judge.

    • Guess.
    • Posted April 21, 2017 at 7:47 am
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    Restraining orders are free to file….and the settlement Michelle refused was to end the lawsuit pending against Alex and Pops now. Pops is the last person to be filing such shit considering his online behavior. ….it was a bullshit move that cost them a lawyer. A lawyer ONLY Alex has paid out of the three of them. So good job jackass. You will lose and you screwed Alex. Stellar. ROs are for people afraid for their life…..abusing the system just as the jailed one makes Pops more like him every single day. It is disgusting. I hope he is proud of himself.

      • Posted April 21, 2017 at 10:18 am
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      This is what makes Restraining orders useless and why having one filed against a person does NOT necessarily means there was justification to file one in the first place. I had someone file one against me several years ago out of spite. She filed because I wrote on my blog asking her to explain why she called the cops several times. Her answer was the restraining order. The deputy who served the thing made light of it since he has had a great deal of experience serving these kinds of restraining orders.


    • Olsen is a dumb ass
    • Posted April 21, 2017 at 6:02 am
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    Santa Rosa County accepts e-Filing. So all McKee needs to be able to respond and litigate is a laptop and an email account. She can file her motion to dismiss and a request for sanctions and Olsen will be forced to pay up.

    I would suggest McKee also check out Civil Practice and Procedure Section 68.093, which will shut Olsen down permanently from LOLsuits.

    • Olsen is a dumb ass
    • Posted April 21, 2017 at 5:59 am
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    Oh, and FUN FACT: Judge Simon has previously dismissed a restraining order Olsen tried to file last year.

    Olsen is a dummy who will soon wind up in state prison. NICE WORK, OLSEN!!

    • Olsen is a dumb ass
    • Posted April 21, 2017 at 5:58 am
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    I am curious, what kind of ‘settlement’ could Lostutter offer? He is completely broke!! What’s he gonna do? Promise not to tweet ‘mean things’ about Michelle forever and ever?


    What a dummy!

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