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Monthly Archives: April 2017

When judge Reeves had the United States Marshals take Deric into custody, he was taken to The Greyson, KY detention center until arrangements could be made for Deric to be transferred to a federal facility.

According to this notice, Deric was turned over to the Federal Bureau of prisons. As of this writing, it is not known for certain where he is at this time. As soon as I get notification of his new location, I will post the updated information.

Stay tuned


I was scolded in the comments section of this blog by someone I considered a dear, loyal and close friend. Quite frankly, it hurt. I went on at length to reply to her as to why things are the way they are today.

I explained to her that I took a stand. Deric Lostutter had involved Michelle’s grand daughter in his dispute with her. He made public private information that should have remained private.

I was angry and expressed on this blog my objections to Deric doing that. I was thanked by Michelle for doing that. It was something I did not expect.

I also addressed my concerns about her apparent association with a blogger who had attacked those where friends of the both of us. I reminded her of what the blogger did to our friends.

If my former friend wishes to withdraw her support of me, I will understand and not fault her for it. She is a good and kind person and I have always been fond of her.

I will always wish her well and will regret the loss of such a good friend.

Stay tuned


A few months back a spinster blogger was exposed as being behind a number of troll/sock accounts that went after a group on social media that were at odds with each other.

The blogger was proven to be behind these Twitter accounts that pretended to either support and criticize individuals who were on one side or another in some of the disputes between members of the group.

Once the blogger was identified ( even though she claims the identity is that of her aunt ) as a lonely 70+ year old shut in, the creation of the sock accounts stopped cold.

Guess what???

The socks are back!!!

It is the usual pattern, a sock will appear criticizing one or more persons and then it vanishes within a few days.

A short time later, another sock will appear only to vanish in a day or two.

As coincidence would have it, the blogger wrote about the new sock account not admitting that she is behind the account once again, of course.

She will deny this,of course,  like she has in the past, but this time people are wise to her. They see the pattern. The sock account gets created, the blogger writes about it and the blogger also starts writing about individuals that are part of the group.

Soon after the blogger writes about the sock account, it vanishes,  mission accomplished.

She praises those she criticized in the past and she criticize those she praised in the past. She changes sides like basketball teams at half time.

Up until now, the format of her blog was to post links to the works of others and copy and paste a paragraph or two of the article within the link but apparently she got bored with doing that.

Now she is back to writing her abusive articles once again.

Some things never change.

Stay tuned


This is a blog post I thought I would never have written. For many years Michelle and I have been at odds with each other. We were the fiercest of enemies. We fought hard with each other determined to come out the winner in the end.

And then a singular event happened that changed things between us. It was something I said with no expectation in return. I simply voiced my concern about a child being brought into a fight that she had know knowledge off.

That child was Michelle’s grand daughter.

It was enough, apparently, for Michelle to send me a thank you and the result is that over time, we have set aside our differences and become friends of a sort.

Recently, however, a dispute has risen between her two former friends. It is two friends that I have made myself through similar circumstances, It is because of this dispute I find myself between both parties.

I have decided not to take sides in the dispute. I listen to the concerns of all but remain neutral. I remain an outsider willing to listen but to not butt in. It is not my intent to upset anyone by making a mistake that could cause damage that could not be repaired.

It is my concern, however, that there are others out there willing to take advantage of the situation for their own reasons. I feel that it is time for old wounds to heal and to move on. I have done so and others should as well.

I am a  supporter of Michelle but I am also a supporter of my new found friends as well.

Michelle, if you are reading this, I wish you well and a safe journey.

Stay tuned


Another victim of the actions of Deric Lostutter is none other than his wife and children. Because he is now in prison, the income his wife needed from him has come to an end.

She has also become the target by those who do not like the fact that she is still supporting what Deric has done and she is also maintaining that Deric helped the survivor of the Steubenville rape case by hacking into a Sports Booster website and making false accusations against the administrator of that website.

Deric’s wife has also not addressed the accusations made by County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin in her victim statement submitted to the court.

Now, it is not unexpected that she would come to the support  of her husband. It is the natural thing to do and she is deeply in love with him. I cannot fault her for that. It is entirely natural.

I also cannot fault his wife for seeking donations to cover her personal expenses she is going to need to get back on her feet. I am certain that there are people out there that support her that have the means to help her out.

I do not have any dislike or hate towards Mrs. Lostutter. I wish her and her family well and I hope she is able to go on with her life and get through Deric’s incarceration in the best way possible.

She is just someone who got caught up in events that she had little control over. She has stated her points of view of these events and that is her right. The cost of doing so, however, is to be criticized for those points of view and the actions of her and her husband as things unfolded over the years.

Fame can come with a tremendous cost and unfortunately, Mrs. Lostutter and her family are learning this harsh lesson the hard way.

Stay tuned


I became the target of some criticism recently when I posted that April 15th was the date several years ago that Deric Lostutter was raided by the FBI.

I was told that I was wrong and “should have gotten the date right.” Well it turns out that there is some confusion as to when the raid actually occurred.

I was curious when the raid occurred since Deric was remanded to prison very close to the anniversary of the date of the FBI raid. I came across a link to a story concerning the raid.

Deric also had told Hunter Stewart of the Huffington Post that he was raided on the 15th of April:

When one looks at the warrant served by the FBI and signed by Deric himself, it appears that the raid did, indeed, take place on April 16, 2013 which was 4 years ago today, the date I wrote this blog, that the raid that would lead to Deric being in jail, took place.

What is odd about this situation is that not only did I get the date wrong but so did the guy who was raided.

Oh, and on one final note, I did get the YEAR wrong so I stand corrected on that one.

Stay tuned


I happened to be searching the Bureau of Prisons website and was surprised to see a release date announced. What struck me as rather odd is that instead of serving 24 months as announced in court, it appears that Deric may serve somewhere around 19 months instead.

I am a but puzzled by this but this is the government after all. At any rate, Deric is going to be out of people’s hair for quite a while. One would have to wonder what changes he will go through while in prison and how will these changes affect him once he is released.

Stay tuned


As most of you know, Deric Lostutter was taken into custody on the 13th of this month and is now in county lockup. He is there because he violated his bond restrictions not to be on the internet either directly or indirectly.

Deric seemed to act as if he did not have a care in the world. He must have thought that is lawyer would pull some trick to get him off the hook. It did not work.

He has gone from being a smartly dressed semi famous hacker who claimed to have attained justice for a teen aged rape survivor to just another number in the prison system.

One has to wonder what he is thing right now. “How did this go so wrong?” might be one of them. It is also probably starting to sink in that he has started down a path that will include the loss of his freedom for two years and 3 weeks.

His current location, The Greyson County detention Center is one of a number of county jails used by the United states Department of Justice to house federal inmates until space can be found at the facility where he will eventually be transferred to serve out his sentence.

With his report date of May 8th not that far off, his stay at Greyson may be fairly short.

He will then be taken to his “permanent” prison by unmarked van, in an orange jumpsuit and either in an unmarked van or a prisoner bus.

I will update as details become available.

Stay tuned




An impulsive decision can have serious consequences. When Mrs. Lostutter put up a video on “her” FreeDeric Twitter account, the consequences led to the arrest of her husband Deric and is now the reason he is remanded to a yet undisclosed prison.

On April, 6th The probation office handling Deric Lostutter sent a letter to the Assistant United States Atty advising him that they had found Deric in violation of the terms of his being able to remain free until May 8th, 2017 which is the date he was to report to a yet undisclosed federal prison to serve out his two year prison term.


The letter begins by outlining the terms of the agreement between Deric and the court after he plead guilty to two of the counts lodged against him.

This next section explains how the probation office became informed of the video being posted on Twitter and who it was that notified the probation office. It turns out that Alexandra Goddard along with a number of other individuals have been monitoring the twitter account set up by Mrs. Lostutter.

The next part of the letter details what Alex Goddard observed and reported to the probation office.

Finally, the probation office recommends that Deric Lostutter be brought into court.

On April 13th, 2017, the hearing took place. Judge Reeves determined that there had been two violation of the bond agreement. He revoked the bond and remanded Deric Lostutter into the hands of the United States Marshals Service.

Deric was handcuffed and escorted out of the courtroom.

Stay tuned





Everyone assumed that as of 2:45 PM on April 13th that the Deric Lostutter story was over. Not quite. It seems that Jenny Lostutter, Deric’s wife is now putting herself in the role of his atty in the civil case and is also taking over the website Deric has used for his self promotion prior to the September order by the court that declared he was not to be on the internet, period.

I have no problem with Mrs. Lostutter exercising her first amendment rights and her right to take over Deric’s account since he gave her permission to do so.

But, by doing so, she may be doing more harm than good.

Neither Deric or his wife do not seem to understand the specific and severe restrictions placed on Deric’s access to the internet or any telecommunications device.

It is quite clear to everyone but them that the order also means that he cannot be on the internet indirectly through a third party. That third party includes her.

There was a great deal of debate (an argument is more accurate) between the judge and Mr Jennings, Deric’s lawyer about this particular restriction.

Judge Reeves could not get through Mr. Jenning’s head that Deric was not allowed to access the internet directly or indirectly. The judge pointed out that indirect means also means that he could not use his wife as a subtle means of getting on the  internet and expressing whatever he wishes to do so.

Her video was used by the judge to point this out. It also made him angry. He was worse on Deric than he was at the March hearing. He made it clear that even after being in jail for 24 months (plus the now additional few weeks) that he felt Deric would violate within a month after serving his sentence and going on the supervised release imposed as part of his sentence.

It is more than likely that Deric may already be in violation, once again, even while he is in custody.

I wonder if Jennifer realizes that the restrictions do not go away just because he is in jail. The restrictions were in place from the day they were imposed and will remain in effect THROUGH HIS PRISON TERM and then for the specified time after he is released from prison.

His being in prison changes nothing.

Getting back to the website Mrs. Lostutter is now in charge of, there is this curious statement made by her:

“Deric had no knowledge of that post when it happened, because he was actually at work, 10 days later, when it was posted. Working heavy commercial construction to stack as much as he could earn for his daughter and I when he was supposed to report to prison, May 8th, his 30th birthday.”

This contention was made by his defense atty but was refuted by the judge for a number of reasons. First, Deric gave the finger to the camera. IF the video was NOT intended for publication, why would he do that?

Next, why didn’t Deric or his wife check with the probation office to be certain that the post of the video on the internet would NOT violate the terms of his being free until May, 8th? This question was raised in court.

Next, why was no deposition (sworn statement) offered in court by Mrs. Lostutter that she was in charge of the FreeDeric account and that Deric had no knowledge of the video being posted on the internet.

Why didn’t Mrs. Lostutter testify in court?

I am certain that with the so called vast support group she has, including a resident of Fayette county could have cared for her child for the hour or two she would have been in court. She could have testified early in the proceeding and then could have been free to leave to reunite with her child.

Rather than attending the hearing to determine the fate of her husband, she turned away and left as Deric was going up the steps to enter the courthouse and would not leave a free man.

Mrs. Lostutter, who claims to be college educated, does not seem to understand who it is that prosecuted Deric and why.

This statement by her demonstrates her clear lack of knowledge of how the justice department works in this country:

Again from:

“I want to first state that I have been an author on this website for a period that predates Deric Lostutter’s and his indictment, that I am a citizen of North Carolina, and that this website, and all of it’s contents are within the jurisdiction of North Carolina, and that I, in no way, submit to the jurisdiction of Kentucky. As Deric’s power of attorney, I have access to all of his North Carolina assets, including his website.”

Mrs. Lostutter does not seem to understand that it was NOT the state of Kentucky that prosecuted Deric. It was, in fact, the United States Department of Justice who prosecuted Deric for violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. which is a Federal law and thus falls under the jurisdiction of the United States government.

It is one of the law enforcement agencies, The FBI, of the department of Justice that investigated Deric Lostutter for his alleged violations and it was the United States attorney’s office that submitted the case to the United States grand jury who subsequently recommended Deric be charged to four felony counts.

Not only was the CFAA a federal law, but Deric also committed the federal crime of interstate computer fraud since he was in the State of Kentucky and the website was located in the State of Ohio.

There are many errors within the article I cited and these are errors that Mrs. Lostutter should correct.

Mrs. Lostutter might also want to take the time to learn how the criminal justice system works before she becomes the next subject of their “attention.”

Stay tuned