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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Sometimes timing is everything. As I blogged earlier, a rumor had been floating around that Astro had passed away.

The rumor went further within a day when I got a message that Astro had committed suicide.

When I checked her Twitter page in which the only thing that can be read is her profile, the status remained unchanged as it had since May 22 when it was the last anyone had heard anything from her.

Almost immediately after I wrote my blog, someone changed the username on her account to Keeper of the Name. Now, the only way that change could be made is for someone to have administrative control over that account.

This clearly means that either Astro herself changed the name on that account or someone who accesses the account, with or without her permission did so.

This brings up a whole new set of questions and also comes very close to this whole thing as being an elaborate hoax.

The faking of a death on the internet is nothing new. In fact, it is fairly common. Now everyone will want to know who was responsible for this hoax and why.

This action also casts doubt on anything that has been posted on that account since the account was locked quite a long time ago. At one time a post had been made on the account that someone besides Astro was administering the account while she was “traveling.”

It is, therefore, safe to assume that the person everyone thought was Astro may, in fact, be an imposter.

A blogger was exposed last fall as being behind a great number of fake Twitter accounts and this could very well be the work of that same blogger.

The modus opperandi fits.

Stay tuned



There is now the belief of several people including myself that the reported death of Astro is not true and may, in fact, be a hoax. Now if it is a hoax it is not certain who the source of it could be.

The original thought was that sometime after May, 22nd when all activity ceased on her Twitter account that something happened to Astro. Some may remember that Astro has a habit of posting “messages” in her profile since she has a closed account and therefore does not post the way the rest of us do.

I had received a direct message from someone who had regular contact with Astro stating that she had passed. A day later I got another direct message saying that she had committed suicide.

Once that rumor surfaced a number of people began checking the public records to see if there was any truth to this rumor.

To date, no information of any kind has surfaced to determine if Astro is living or dead. Since a suicide is considered a homicide, there would have been law enforcement involvement and a death certificate issued regarding the exact cause of death.

In the event of a natural death, there would still be information that would eventually be in the public record. In most cases, families publish an obituary of a loved one who has passed. There would also be notices of a wake, funeral or similar ceremony.

It is this lack of information that has cast serious doubts on the contention that Astro is deceased. The question that then comes to mind is how did this rumor get started and who started it? The person who notified me got her information from someone in a Facebook message.

The claim that Astro committed suicide came from an anonymous Twitter account holder that had contacted me recently. There are two scenarios to consider. Either someone started this rumor as a way to harass Astro or worse, Astro has started this rumor herself.

At this point, there is no answer to the hoax or not question. It is now a waiting game. However, the longer it takes to get to the bottom of this, the worse it is going to look for Astro.

The truth needs to come out and it needs to come out soon.

Stay tuned


It is with sadness and dismay that I saw a post about someone who used to be a friend. According to the post, Astro has passed away. There has yet to be any information as to the accuracy of this information or what the cause of her passing might have been.

I am going to continue to look into this situation to either validate or disprove this development. If this turns out to be true, I offer my condolences to her family and loved ones.  Astro and I once had a good and friendly relationship but due to personal differences, we have drifted apart.

I am sure she will be missed by many.




I woke up this morning to find that I had gotten a private message from what I initially thought was a troll wanting to annoy me.

As the conversation progressed, I began to realize that someone I knew who was quite angry with me due to how I handled my visit to Steubenville as well as my stop in Columbus, Ohio. The person who contacted me accused me of bias in favor of Alex Goddard and went into detail her anger towards both me, Alex Goddard, Deric Lostutter and others.

The conversation continued on and off throughout the day of this writing since I happened to be traveling and could not have a continuous uninterrupted conversation because of this situation.

At the close of the conversation, the individual “dared” me to publish the conversation in its entirety. I have decided to meet the dare and do just that. I do this with the following caveat. The opinions and accusations cited in the conversation are that of the other party and in no way reflects the opinion or position of this website. Any liability for what is said here rests solely with the individual posting to me.

The posts by the individual are in normal text with a white background. My part of the conversation is in white text with a blue background. This is how Twitter private message works. I will interject comments throughout the conversation as to my take on the various points that were brought up by the individual.

The first part of the conversation started immediately with the accusation that has been going around that Kim Picazio financed my trip to Steubenville.

This accusation has been brought up several times and seems to be the primary grievance directed towards me by a number of individuals.  Rather than confirm or deny this particular accusation, I have decided to leave it unanswered. People are free to draw their own conclusions.

This next comment by the individual has been one addressed by others and has been the one that seems to have gotten me into the most trouble with my former friends.

What needs to be said here is that first, when I planned the May, 8th trip, Steubenville was not the original destination. I had planned on being at the site of the prison where Deric was to report to on that date. However, due to his alleged violations of his probation, he was remanded into federal custody in April. Also, because of the way prisoners report to their assigned institution, I felt it would be impractical to go to where he would eventually wind up.

I alone decided to go to Steubenville to be at the Jefferson County Courthouse On May 8th at the original report time of 2:00 pm. It was also my intention to concentrate solely on the story of Deric and his association with the hacking rather than thoroughly delving into the story of the Rape Case which caused so many problems for the people of that small city.

I did not announce that I would be going to either Columbus or Steubenville until just before I departed on the trip. Yes, part of my planned trip was to interview Alexandra Goddard. I had also wanted to interview others such as Mrs. Hanlin and perhaps the county Sheriff but I was unable to arrange these interviews. I also let a known resident of Steubenville know of my plans and offered to interview anyone either on or off camera who wanted to give their points of view. That person told me that nobody would be interested and thus I was unable to offer dissenting points of view in regards to the actions of Alex Goddard, Deric Lostutter or anyone else that people might have felt engaged in negative actions.

You have to excuse my flippant tone here, but I get dozens of these kinds of dm’s and when someone starts this sort of thing at the wee hours of the morning, I tend to get a bit annoyed. Again the source of the individual’s anger seems to be the fact that I interviewed Alex at her home.

At this point, the individual begins to intensify her anger towards both Alex and Deric. I must point out that at one time Alex and I were enemies of each other and engaged in an intensive internet battle with each other that lasted several years. It was only within the past several months that we declared a truce of sorts and now have a friendlier relationship with each other. I had the same friendly relationship with Michelle McKee until recently when my coverage of her part in the civil action with Deric angered her.

Now, this was getting close to when I needed to leave where I was and go mobile for most of the day as I have a life outside of the internet. I gave her a 10-minute warning that I would be departing soon. As the conversation progressed, her strong language indicated that her anger was intensifying.

My answer to her question is, of course, I give a damn about the kids that were put through hell. Deric Lostutter was responsible, in large part, for the harassment and threats that were directed towards the innocent students and adults caught up in the debacle he created.

At this point, I was becoming frustrated since rather than engaging in a conversation the individual seemed intent on giving me a dressing down and highly criticizing me for my alleged lack of caring about the plight of Jane Doe and the issue of these kinds of rape cases.

Once again, for some strange reason, the individual would not let rest the accusation that Kim Picazio paid my expenses for this trip. She seemed to imply that in return for this alleged financing that I would agree to biased coverage of the trip. I did not and would not ever accept financing of a trip on the condition that it would be covered in favor of the financing party.


Once again the individual missed the fact that I did not announce where I was going until AFTER I had tried to get people in Steubenville to meet with me. I also did not announce the Goddard interview until just before my trip. Nobody would have known that I had intended to meet with Goddard until after any agreement to meet with me in Steubenville.

The individual then makes an implied threat should Alex Goddard write a book about her part in the Steubenville case there would be consequences. I have heard rumors that she is considering a project of this nature and that she has also been interviewed by an “audio” journalist for a documentary that will be released in a few months.

This next post is a bit troubling but is a lesson I learned a long time ago. Normally when having private message sessions with people, it is understood that those conversations are meant to be kept private. It is known as ” a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Unfortunately, the lesson here is that things you intend to be private will not be honored by the other party or parties. It is a lesson to be learned by everyone on the internet.

It should be pointed out, however, that the information in any private message from me is also attainable on this and my other blog as part of the disputes I have had with various parties for over a decade.

I suspect that I will not be forgiven for going over to “the dark side” but it should also be understood that my viewpoints have not changed. My truce with Goddard and the others is that we have agreed to disagree. We have issues with each other about how we conducted ourselves over the years. Everyone understands how the other feels and have decided to set these disagreements aside without conceding them in any way.

We all simply decided to quit fighting with each other.

I also, at this point offered anyone who wishes to make a comment to do so either here or on my Twitter account.

The individual seems to be quite angry that I did not engage in an interrogation or a cross-examination of her comments while interviewing her in her own home. This is not my style. First of all, I rarely do interviews. I am not good at doing them. Second, I feel this would have been a rude thing to do. I was a guest in her home and I did my best to act like it. If someone felt strongly enough that what she said was either incomplete or wrong, they should have been willing to step forward and advocate their point of view. To say that they would not do so simply because I had the interview with Goddard and conducted it in the manner I did is in my opinion, a cop-out.

There were a number of people who were trying to dig up “dirt” on everyone and both I and Goddard did this to each other. The majority of what was in this part has been posted on social media for years and is well known “information.”

I in no way condone the alleged conduct but the past is the past and it is time to move on.

It was at this point where I dawned on me that I might know exactly who this person is. I have to make clear however that I promised this person that I would never disclose who they are and to keep private certain matters we both agreed to keep private. Even if this person were to violate that trust and release things I wanted to remain private, I will not break my word.

This part is breaking news as the individual makes it known that there is a “book” being published through that would be an expose against Goddard and others and that private messages between me and other parties would be used as supporting material. 

It is also needed to be noted that I strongly objected to what Local leaks did and what was written on their website and still object to their actions. It is one of many wrongs that were done against people who did not deserve that kind of attention.

Once again the false narrative that I am doing this for profit and expect to be paid rears its head. The fact of the matter is that I LOST money by making that trip. I not only am out the expenses of the trip but the revenue lost because of the changes I made to my schedule in order to make the trip.

As far as interviewing anyone from Steubenville or anywhere, I can do that from my Studio in Orlando or from anywhere I might be since I have the capability of webcasting both at home and on the road. It would cost neither the party or I a dime to engage in any kind of interview or debate. This blog is also available for anyone wishing to make any kind of comment. I do not censor comments unless they are abusive or violate WordPress terms of service.

My offer to be interviewed by the author of the purported book was met with a  resounding NO which indicates that the party is either the author of the book in question or has influence with whoever might be. It also indicates the individual has made their mind up and refuses to consider my point of view. This is an accusation, I might point out that is made against me in the conversation.

I have included the abusive comments here because I promised you the readers that I would not censor the conversation. It does, however, point out quite clearly the anger the person has against Goddard.

Also, the individual seems to think that I should have gone beyond the scope of my coverage of the Lostutter criminal case beyond what I had presented in my webcasts and here. This was a decision I made when I started covering his criminal case and subsequently his civil case. I wanted it to be fact based without excessive personal input and I also wanted to keep the coverage as narrow as possible. If this translates into bias on my part, then so be it.

Again, I do not engage in gotcha interviews. I was in Goddard’s home and I felt that would have been an inappropriate setting to get into either an interrogation or cross-examination of her and her actions and statements.

It was at this point when the individual challenged me to publish our conversation in its entirety and without censorship or “editing.” I have met this challenge and the conversation has been presented here in that manner. The only changes made were when I inserted my outside comments as to the context of the conversation and to explain my thoughts and actions.

Now to whomever, it is behind the username. I am sorry that you feel that I have made a mistake in my recent actions but you have to understand that it is my life that I have to consider as well as any journalistic consideration made in my blog or webcasts.

I have had a long and contentious battle with Alex, Deric, and several others over the years and this battle caused a lot of stress for them and me alike. I unilaterally made the decision to quit the fight. As a result, I have lost a  lot of good friends and you appear to be one of them.

At some point, however, each individual must make a decision that is best for themselves or those close to them. I made such a decision. In closing, I bear no grudge toward you and can only wish you the best.

There are lessons to be learned from the Steubenville rape case and I would hope those lessons have been learned.

Stay tuned













There is a troll that comes in here from time to time to take issue with what I write on this blog and also seems to be overly concerned about where certain information comes from. This troll also seems to think it is important to use vulgar language to make whatever point he (or she) is trying to make.

In the latest rant, by the troll, he is overly concerned about where the two affidavits by Olsen and Goddard came from rather than what is contained within them. He swears that Olsen and Goddard provided the documents to me and seems to be intent on me verifying his claim.

I could easily clear the matter up but have decided not to because the troll is being a jerk. It should not matter anyway since neither party has disputed with is contained within them.

What SHOULD matter is what is being said and by whom. I have been told by a number of sources that the judge in the civil case is not likely to read the filings by any of the parties. These documents would be introduced to him through their arguments within the courts through an attorney or by any party representing themselves a pro see. 

At the moment there is a motion to have the case dismissed outright as well as another motion regarding the defense attorney wanting to quit the case. I have been told that both of these issues would need to be resolved before any further action would be taken by the court.

It is also the opinion of various individuals that the case is likely going to be dismissed. The only reason that this has not happened is that the federal civil docket is fairly busy and this case is a very low priority. It could take months before someone decides to do something about this case and finally resolve it.

As for the troll in question, he or she might want to find something more constructive to do with their lives. Lots of neat stuff on Netflix, for instance.

Stay tuned


Deric Lostutter has filed with the court withdrawing the use of electronic ECF service memorandum.

Deric is claiming that due to his being in prison, he is unable to use this option and is opting out of it.

merged_13351_-1-1495511033 (Click on link to open file)

There has yet to be any ruling on the various motions before the court. Everything seems to be on hold at this time.

Stay tuned


On May 8th, 2017 Michelle filed an affidavit in support of her motion that she had filed earlier. Rather than publish it here, I read the affidavit aloud on my Youtube channel. I am now publishing the affidavit here per request.


Click on the link above to read the file in it’s entirety.

Stay tuned



Deric Lostutter has become a bit active after not saying or doing much since he began serving his sentence in mid-April. Included in his latest handwritten filing are some criticisms of the defendants in his lawsuit including Michelle McKee who had been dropped from the lawsuit earlier this year.

The document starts of routine enough with Deric stating he is withdrawing his motion for oral arguments that would have required the defendants to appear in court.

Deric’s first stated reason for the withdrawing of his motion is the fact that he is in jail serving a 24 month prison term and that this would not allow him his constitutional rights.

His second reason is a bit more interesting:

Deric states that the reason the defendants atty has withdrawn from the case is due to unethical actions on the part of Thomas Olsen.

Deric also claims that Michelle McKee who was dropped from his lawsuit provided him “with an abundance of evidence” of what he claims were plots against him and his family by defendants Olsen and Goddard.

Both Goddard and Olsen have filed their own arguments with their former atty and the arguments have yet to be filed to the court as part of their rebuttal and defense against Deric’s civil lawsuit and statements made by Michelle L McKee in her prior filing.

It will be interesting to see how Goddard and Olsen reacts to this latest filing by Deric Lostutter and also if Michelle L McKee makes a response as well.

Stay tuned


Just a short time after my visit to Steubenville to observe the end of the last chapter of the Big Red rape case with the imprisonment of Deric Lostutter, a story of another football team related gang rape spreads on the internet.

No lessons seem to have been learned from incidents of this nature that keep repeating themselves.

Until society wakes up to this serious problem, these incidents will keep happening and perhaps get worse.

Stay tuned


The man named to act as special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is very familiar with how the FBI conducts its business.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller, 72, served as just-fired James Comey’s predecessor, heading the agency for 12 years in the wake of the nation’s worst terror attack.

Mueller was nominated as the sixth director of the FBI by George W. Bush in 2001.

He officially took over the post only a week before 9/11, following a unanimous vote by the Senate.

Under his leadership, the FBI was transformed into a counterterrorism agency — Mueller often spoke of the threat of cyberterrorism and online espionage.

In 2011, his tenure was extended by two years after then-President Obama asked Congress to allow him to stay on, making him the longest-serving director since J. Edgar Hoover. Obama argued that his national security team needed continuity as the Pentagon and the CIA were both getting new leaders.

One has to wonder if when the time comes if Vice President Pence would pardon Trump should he be forced to resign in the same way Gerald Ford pardoned President Nixon.

When Ford pardoned Nixon it spelled disaster for his administration and cost him a second term as President.

Pence would likely find it wiser NOT to pardon Trump which would make things much harder on him should any prosecution take place.

This is going to be a hell of a year.

Stay tuned